Laundry post

clean clothes. Thats all I can say.

My washer parts wont be here til July. Have yet to score a working dryer cheap at auction. So here we are. At the laundry mat. Not a bad place to sit and participate in an online auction.

If laundry was a chore that people hated, I’m not one of them. I like the gladness that comes from having and being able to wear clean clothes. The order being restored. I like doing dishes too as long as a good playlist is on.

Any fellow laundry goers on here? Nah, y’all probably got your own washer and dryer at your house. (And they most probably work). Rich fuckers. Lolz. Kidding. The randomness of a laundromat is peculiar. Like riding public transits.

Clean clothes. Enjoy your day y’all.


My favorite guitar solo 2

My last post was a bit of humor. Bit of ego. Not really though. If you knew me at all you would know that I havent been able to solo effectively up until that recording. Live. One take. I should have mixed in a better vocal. My own voice has changed throughout the years. Yours will too.

So favorite solo? Thats tough. I grade on whether it fit the song and served it or not. Believe it or not, I tend to sing the guitar solos. My car. Don’t worry about it. Lolz.

Some great guitar solos are out there. Some great players. Some interesting techniques and some wild antics.

The trouble with fame, it seems ego is fulfilled and awakens an ancient whatevers.then the drinking. Then the drugs. Then harder shit. I want better role models. I want to hear the solo and feel that persons investment in it. Night after night. Day after day. Never mistreating the fans, but winning them over. Given to a lady at home and no hanky panky bullshit on the side. You hardly hear about it (I’m sure it exists) in country music. Jazz and blues as well. It seems gospel to want people who remain, integrity intact.

Who wouldn’t want a thousand girls? I did when I picked up guitar. Visions of beauties strutting around me. Then I growed. I want to love one woman more than a few thousand times. I want intimacy. I want honesty. I want it without my ego having to be inflated by the power one could wield if famous.

So, like our guitar solos we enjoy, we look forward to peeling back those layers of rock star nonsense. I don’t understand why someone would get rich and famous, mostly rich, and then vacate their neighborhoods and leave them in the background. A rearview town. I think a more suitable approach, would be to invest back into those communities. Grow them. So that batch of people, wherever they live, may also have opportunities.

Peace yall. Meek. (Power under control)

Pray for our nation. Pray hard for its leaders. For truth. For healing. For humanity being decent again.

Much love.

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My favorite guitar solo

I am hardly vain, but the more I listen to myself play the guitar on this one, (a first time one take on my four track), it is still hard to imagine what the hell I played that day, or how? Was I even there?. Thats that zone. One of the people lost in a moment of time with their art. This guitar solo is my sole contribution to the guitar community as of yet. All in all I think my dad would have enjoyed this one. So, yeah.


Much love

this is the song that a drummer heard on a whim through a craigslist ad of mine and decided I was interesting enough to start a project with. Great times y’all!

.s. My singing is nothing this horrible nowadays. Lolz. See ya


Fridge for 50 years

With the arrival of our new fridge, we asked ourselves a different question. What are we going to put in there? By now we know what sauces we like. We know what hot sauce, which barbecue sauce, which ketchup, which mustard. Which good cuisine will bless this mess for another long batch of time. Say, 50 years?

When you ask different questions, you get better results. Its that simple.

Your body does mysterious things when you ask of it. Rewiring. Forge coming soon! Been studying this hobby for 10 years with no hands on. Waiting on money, waiting on tools, waiting on coal, waiting to blacksmith. Learning at a very far distance. Why things had to be like this? Well, I didnt discover frugality such as auctions or closeouts. Didn’t manage money correctly. Didnt know how. Thought I never made enough. Blah blah blah. “Excuse upon excuse for why there isnt.” Bubba sparxxx.

Auctions. Thats all I got to say. Should have done this long ago.

Groceries? The more groceries the more trash seems to accumulate. Like, give me a barrel of something. I’ll get tired of it but figure out how to cook it to its maximum potential. If not I, somebody near enough to me, will.

Butchering. I kill shit and rip its guts out to make it useful. You ever look at Nathan in the Bible? Nathan walks right up to King David and speaks his mind. Doesnt mince words either. “Sir, I have some hard truths for you to be hearing noweth, henceforthwith.

Nathan. An interesting name for an interesting batch of people’s. People really should get themselves a tribe of Nathan people. Urinate. Combinat(e)ion. Plurality. Rambling.

I am psyched up. My kid puked in the car ride on the way home. That must be attended to. Post haste. Yuck. Our vehicle sways like a boat on an ocean. Like a 70s muscle. Its not a real fun drive. Things were supposed to be fixed, but mekanik, may have just not have. Thats why I try to keep my own things running. One maybe should.

One Thanksgiving, same kid came up and puked on my lap. This guy. Yeah. CNA work comes in handy in child raising. But its better to build boys than to mend men.

50 years. At 90, I think I’ll just wander off into the forest and die, dignified.

I really encourage the butchering, health, teaching, trades type of life. College is an expensive piece of paper but it doesnt always lead to contentment. 50 years in the fridge type of thinking.

He is risen. Faith.

Much love.


Some get read

Some get read and some should be, while others get ignored. Some praised and should be ignored. But it is what it is.

A lot of new things have come our way as a tribe. I hope your tribe gets good stuff too.

I have had a butchering “coincidence” recent, that is of note here. I ran into the old butchering boss. Ive wrote about him. I went out for a steak meal as a family. First time in 10 years. It’s cool when children get older…rambled. So rare for me to be there, rare to be there and spot this guy. Had a half hour conversation with the man. He still has taught me the craft from his well of knowledge. I had to move on to learn more from others. Who knows? Closure?

Had my first visit with my grandma the other day, first in a year and a half. I needed distance. Alot of happenings happened while I was away. Threw out my hand me down fridge with its twice handed bitter memories. Got a new one. Most people go larger. I do not. Smaller. Fits under my cabinet, finally makes the flow right.

So while America is being crippled and bankrupted and rampaged, I got a new fridge. I dont like where this heads as it stands. God puts people in power. He knows their darkness if there be any in it.

“Its a rental”

Motto recent and not forgotten.

Yeah so is our body but I still managed to find the weed shops. Lord, knows I smoke weed. I seen it work. my crippled ass father had a truckload of pills but none of them worked. But weed made him tolerable. He wasn’t always mellow. Too worked up, shoulda taken up art or music production. Or painting. Something to find peace.

Meeting up with enemies is hard. Harder is letting that anger affect you now. Holding it will always harm the holder.

Movie tip. If there be all these offended (weeping and gnashing of teeth) ones, why not have every movie with every actor/tress voice it. Select it and go. You want somebody like Samuel Jackson in the Hobbit? Pick em… Or put jack black within the vampire realm or what have you? Lucy Liu in a chick flick. (My personal fave is Rom coms. I dislike the suspense genre. Gore, it is obvious, is ok to me.Just seen too many real life stuff movies can’t quite grasp. Real situations.

Pick em.

Keep writing. Be your biggest fan. Cheer yourself on. Fight for thy right to partyeth.

Much love


Alpha females

One might be a baddie and one might be a goodie. When alpha females start out of the woodwork. They don’t come out the woodwork just for any regular dude. Something intrigues and they give Chase. Guys, this is a good sign I would take it. No thanks though on my end. I have my lady. Like I need more idiot drama in my life. Hard pass.

I always wanted to be a man amongst men. Started the journey with not a hint of clue what I was to do, or what qualities I thought led there. Starting point, in fact, is not a reality until there is vision. Look backwards from our caskets and hear what people would bring up at our funerals.

Ive always found talented and admirable people in my life. Some, quite respectable. Jammed with a good many peoples and synergized with a few. Known a few, solid excellent women. Gratitude.

So was out one night, had a sip of whiskey peanut butter. Screwball. Great in coffee. Wife was there at the show, and this stranger and her flask was passed. I was clueless and missed she was even hitting on me. Waltzed right up and introduced herself to my wife. Oh she got the icy stare. Ooh. Colder. I missed all this. Had no clue. Straight up over my fence.

So, my alpha female is a lion not a sheep. Most of our relationships could be committed too. We gotta teach each other to lead through this life. What people dont understand, is that leadership and its fruits do bring order. A somewhat chaotic as life goes, disaster of order. What a ruckus. But if weak, become strong while appearing weak. Art of war type mentality.

Ive recently read Rex Brown (pantera bassist) and Fieldy (korn bassist). Modern day Solomon’s. You ask me. Had everything but it became nothing. They seem like kick ass peoples. Interesting takes on it all. You know me, I’m into interesting takes.

I have too many guitars but want more. I dreamed twice a month with catalogs from Americanmusicalsupply and musicians friend. Got me wanting to build guitars (an itch yet to scratch. Too much dreaming.

“Fear can steal your dreams but so can cobwebs. Play!!!” Me. Yours truly from my only published work.

Life got you down. Chin up. Cheer up. Hope comes.

Lot of messiness in peoples lives. I try not to be involved. Not my circus and not my monkeys.

“A new level of confidence and power” pantera. Much love.


Everything agenda

But everything is not everything. It never will be. Whats our expectations for the time.?

The people I’m to reach dont live inside their churches walls. My people to reach stay as far from there as possible. but whoever, we are here to help, we must remember to serve and to wash feet.

The Lord has a plan. Sit calm y’all.

My wife found a soap opera; shadowhunters from City of Bones (the books). I think its too much like general Hospital or Days of our Lives but there’s vampires and werewolfs and other odd interesting shit down the rabbit hole of life. I give it a stale. She rates it superb. One can only make their own mind up.

Loving too many cats is a problem. Find them homes. Spay and neuter them. Dont let em breed like digging rabbits.

Following a path is rarely easy. I reread the cube van chronicles and I turned to look as a dunce. Where the story went from there is a wild adventure. Might do something with the arsonists tying it all together. No printer ink for read and edit phase.

Her birthday is today. A cute little fishy. A contradiction but to quote my own song, Dance with you,

“Shapes and colors, diamonds or dumpsters, cut like a knife, there’s no other, not another lover, I want by my side, weve had moments where weve barely spoken but weve survived, together we live, we love, we ride.”

(Now how is that for a chorus).

Ive walked a semi good path. It never is easy to find a path. But do all parents help that matter?. It’s hard to see trades neglected and college tossed at us, instead. My college neglected to let me in. Hell, I thought there was only prestige and clout with the one and not the other

Stay well y’all. Fuck covid. Destroyed a planet a little too damn well that it doesnt sit right and there’s too many questions not answered? Nah. Who cares. Faith over fear. Be easy!


First new appliance

Our first washer machine like ever. A tinier fridge on its way too.

When I ran a gig on a dumpster truck, it was interesting to see what people might have purchased with their tax money. It was revealing about their motivations. Some wanted the big screen TV. Some had some nasty diapers. Interesting to note. I would imagine even being on a route, for a length of time, would give great insights. Do any trashpeople blog?

My drain is frozen so new washer has yet a few steps to be in place. Always something. The Jeep needs new tires bad. It’s hard to imagine a world where certain maintenance steps can’t be placed higher than other needs, at times. A change of finances. Still debt free (ish) our e fund went kaput and we must now stash cash again to provide our buffer.

Ive been in many guitar shops. Found many an interesting piece. Tuning the guitars (guitar center employees are bad at this) always leads to a more cared for feel. A little step. Big rewards. Tiny things. Many talents, artists and creatives. Tiny changes will help.

I’m currently surrounded by a batch of people all taking up guitar. It’s a cool thing to witness. Cooler thing to be part of. Ive taught very few people to play, have had a hand in inspiring many. I have discovered my teaching and training skills fast improving. I dont mean to brag, but I do very well teaching and training. Whether a guitar, life, or work. Heck of a coach. Not so great at playing the part of disgruntled worker being a warm body. Taking up space.

We all want to be important. Not one says they would like to remain on the bottom of the heap

So, we grow. We invest in a betterment goal of our own selves. We conquer into a future, stumbling into pasts. Wading through the present and live life, as it lasts. Plan long, keep plans hidden and impenetrable. Keep thinking of blessings and gratitude.

Havent quit smoking yet. Boo!

learning Japanese phrases this morning.

French previous.

We have found a local wine we have been impressed with. Wine is an expensive thing by trial and error. Local. Havent been disappointed in a tryout of their flavors. Buchanan house. Good.

Ardon Creek is another house favorite. Red 52 is my fave. I’m a sweet wine guy tho. Dont get drunk on it tho…

Big road trip coming up. Kind of excited. Passing through big cities is not for the faint of heart. Rural driver on the norm. Its a bit of an adaptation. Still will explore.

Have started the children and most of family on a martial arts program. They are gifted at it. We all can be learning again. I have yet to participate. Being that every time I suggest a cool thing, they tend to lose interest.

I’m not very good yet at replacing gaskets. Cant get them to seat right. Ive also never had a cheap way to learn. I got decent at bearings replacement due to the ag machines. I suppose I’ll go buy a place out of gaskets, which is unfortunate for the person that may need them that day. It’s different when a person has money and can afford to fail at fixing a thing. Course, no one likes wasted money.

So I still have some financial maturing to take hold of.

Much love. Butcheringsaint out.


And some odd thoughts

Lolz. Would ya just look at the hair? Lmao. When it grows in tho, it shall be cool. I might shave the front and look all viking. Who knows.

So ive become a bearded guy. Nicotine is a very deadly drug. Be well y’all.

P.s. I’m working on a greatest hits album. Doing this that way I still get to place these songs in their proper order on their proper albums in the proper musical place.

Ive written farther on the cube van chronicles. Ive travelled longer and the characters disturb me. But I am the writing conduit. This is definitely not a prudish novel, or for that manner, anyone less mature than 18 should avoid it. Hey in all honesty, ive been married a long time and ive seen and read about dark sick fucks in real life that tames mine in comparison. The bad guy”s” have an interesting way to look at things. perspective. He runs things until he gets his dark secrets exposed. Then maybe D.P., our closely followed guitarist anti hero of the story, just trying to make it into a limelight of his own. Just some funny takes from my days being a roadie.

Food pantry day today. Shit is real. “Government cheese, Craig, you ever had it?” Friday has many good accurate quotes. Lets talk Friday a minute. When Smokey flipped that money to make it another hundo‚Ķpriceless. Big perm? Lolz. To his face! Lolz. My often quoted one is when Smokeys mom says “make it enough”. Just a classic. Been binging on that one with a DVD since 1998. But yeah. Sometimes alcohol kills more people than weed ever would entertain. But we prohibited that, then raised a mafia cartel wonderland. Whatevs. Point is, Friday. Get it watch it and the point hits home.

Set it off is another movie ive always dug into alot. How fucked up situations produce fucked up outcomes. Things being that way never had to be that way. The heart exploding out was horrific but not as bad as street life would be. What an interplay. The things having a bad hand gets one in life. “Collusion?” Check it out great movie.

Been digging on crossroads with Ralph macchio and Steve Vai. Pretty cool stuff. The whole devil went down to georgia, crossroads, you good enough to battle devils on their own turf, spiritual war. I still wonder whether he really can play or not? Remains a mystery. It may have been answered upon a time. Cobra Kai is decent. Quite an interwoven fuckcicle. Great motivator, as the karate kid movies proved as well. True wisdom in what Miyagi teaches.

So we have spent most of this time “quarantining” by doing karaoke with the kids, watching movies to get people’s decent take on life, playing music, figuring out what the Fuck to make for dinner this metric fuckton of times a day, you know normal routine. The karaoke helped me to see a better routine and notice I mimicked singing instead of singing. The movies help to clarify our mission and goals as a tribe. My tribe quotes movies. Thats what we do. So the more I can reference with the scenes, the better the discourse on it. What have you been up to?

I had to watch and discuss two movies or I wouldnt graduate. Lean on me (great leadership movie) and Stand by Me (another great leadership model because they all four step into seperate roles as leader). I think we fail to feel the emotions a movie intended as a people. We dont discuss things enough in society perhaps.

So getting suspended off the bluebird has been quite a blessing for me, it turns out. It kinda crushed me a moment. But, meh, now. Its given me a precious incentive and gift of time. My voice will not be silenced. Not in the long run. Ive conquered far more than the right to speak.

We have been watching The Last Alaskans. A very cool show.

It’s a frozen tundra, from our igloo to yours. Be well, help where you can, and enjoy with gratitude, what you got. “Lovin is what I got”

Big announcement soon about cvc.


Kools and me

When I was 18 I started amoking cigarettes. Cloves before 18. At about 16, I think. I was a broke person nobody and started snaking dads cigarettes. One at a time. He won’t notice, right. You guessed it, Kools brand cigarettes.

I quit smoking in February or March of 2010, at almost 30 years old. My wife, same day. That was until February of 2020. I started smoking cigars. I promised myself I would never smoke cigarettes again. Therein, I found a gray area. Cigars are not cigarettes. Enemy exploited and I got fooked again. Here I am in the process of quitting again. I figure a year dancing with that demon, was good enough. Good enough to let good win.

So there may be distemperment moments. I have started the beginning of the end. Wish me luck. And dont judge me if I fail, because I wont. Kicked this demons ass once. Will again. It’s easier to not start something than to quit it. I feel some empathy towards addicts of drugs. (Pot is not a drug, more a plant that helps. Fed government should have left that to states rights…). There are some roads I refuse to walk down beside a person just to help. The danger is in dependency.

Oh well. Newest rant. Radishes or radishisnts.

Should guitar makers of high regard (I.e. gibson, fender, ibanez, prs…) Stop making cheap guitars? Not like there isnt enough junk ones already on the market? Just custom fancy pieces now. Lets go back to caring about everything that needs produced. Enough plastics and widget items have been produced. (Wouldnt mind seeing a hemp alternative. Biodegradable things… So just custom, kept at still enough value in a 2k investment for a guitar. Mass production sure doesnt seem sustainable or productive. More like Dr Seuss and his thneads? Yes. Thought so.

Schools were set up next to perfect for creating factory workers. Thanks Horace Mann and all. Trouble is, humans dont all make good factory workers.

Ranting about another guitar related item… There should be a musical instrument in every home in America. Whether the homemembers play or not. Someday, somebody able to, will show up to play.

SSide note. Too bad cities with big hills and high traffic dont have trolleys. Columbus Junction, I’m looking at you. It would be sweet! Swinging bridge and a trolley connecting school with the Tyson plant. It’d be sweet!

What can you notice would improve life for others around in your cities? Lets throw some creative ideas at the wall and make them stick or see what sticks.

So, we fought a war over taxes to get freedom, yet managed to get ensnared by taxes anyway. There should be an audit of every city and a reckoning of the books. Shady money needs out of it.

Be well, y’all. Southerners found out why we call it pop and not soda. Leave it to freeze and its got a healthy pop to it. Its funny, but the situation there wasnt and isnt. Much love.

Butcheringsaint out.