Riding Horse


Have you ever sat up on a horse and seen the world? Ridden the trails? Walked off into the sunset on one?

I have.

I cannot describe what a feeling it is.

But, too many people right now, have no clue about the majesty and greatness that a horse can provide. They are a truly humbling creature. They humble us and some humble them, I suppose.

So, while we have invented many great modes of transportation not dependent on horses, we still must become familiar with the way of this magnificent animal.

Recently, the Burger King horse meat fiasco in the UK, the recent opening of horse slaughter plants in SE Iowa and NE Missouri and people not taking care of them properly, has me a bit on edge.

I am 100% opposed to slaughtering horses. I will not do that. They are not for meat, they are for helping, for farming, for working, for learning patience…etc on. Weird, right? I will kill pigs, cows and sheep all day long, but I wont kill dogs, cats, horses and spiders. I personally will not kill what I will not eat. I guess the only caveat there would be in a self defense situation to kill another human but, I’m praying I don’t ever have to. I just would rather not.

But I see there is some great groups trying to commune with horses and live that life besides the amish and the horse murderers. I wanted to bring attention to one that is near me and hope to encourage support for those near you.

Let’s continue to teach people how to ride horses. Lets not think of them as a purely useless animal anymore. They are still and always will be (in my opinion) a necessity. Lets continue to allow our children and their children to be able to ride them. I don’t care how many “toys” we have that transport us, there is something about a horse. Something about the oneness, the unity, the rhythm, the feel, the sense of wonder to it all.

So, go check out your local animal sanctuaries. Go donate time or money or organize an event if you feel so moved.

I personally hope more people in the SE Iowa area support this cause!


Thanks Aunt C for informing me of this work you are involved in. Cheers to the riders of these great beasts! Cheers to those who have walked funny after a long ride! Cheers to those who’ve been bucked off and earned your horses respect! Cheers to those who never have but someday will have that opportunity!

Clean house


Ok, I admit it, we are recovering packrats (borderline hoarders) who are making a change. We don’t want to live that way any more. Recently I heard on the Entreleadership Podcast about a book that I haven’t read but has me thinking just the same.

Their book is called One word that will change your life. I just nabbed onto the idea that we set a new years resolution. Or several. We set up all these elaborate plans, but rarely follow through with them. http://www.amazon.com/Word-that-will-Change-Your/dp/111854241X

So, these guys propose to meditatively find that one word that is going to be your year. Then to laser in on it.

My word is simplify.

My life, my brain, my spirit, my house, my kids all needs simplified, so, I’m working it!

Here’s how:

cleaning the house, organizing everything, getting rid of everything, letting go of things attached to memories, exercising, becoming lost in prayer/meditation, breathing more, trying to laugh more.

So if you could seek out what your word would be for next year, what would it be?

It takes a while for your specific word to come to you sometimes so go ahead and get back to me on this one. Or, if you know the word you need to work on this year.

Let’s try this and see where it gets us?