how to butcher your marriage

Ok most people expect other people to give advice on how to save their marriage but im flipping that today. Maybe reverse psychology could do us all some good in our marriages.

1. Pay attention to everything but your spouse. Sports scores, poker games, beer, friends, pretty girls, porn, tv, internet chats, emails, twitter, facebook

2. Pretend to listen…



People wear shoes. Some wear boots, some wear heels and some (like me) wear sandals until the snow flies. I have never liked wearing shoes but work places generally want closed toed shoes on your feet while in the process of working. I rip my socks off and those dreaded shoes as soon as my shift is over and I’m barefoot or sandalled. I may have just spelled that word ‘sandalled’ wrong but I’m busy and gotta double shift today…


the apron

Recently I’ve been dissecting my utensils relative to butchering. I have yet to mention the apron a butcher wears. This garment is very important to me especially. While some may choose to just wear cloth or a light plastic apron, I choose to use the full on heavy and thick vinyl apron with super strength ties. This makes the job so much more fun and glamorous…


Approach the animal

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually posted about something about butchering. Here, finally, had a thought worth expanding upon.

A long time ago there was an inservice. It was the selfsame inservice that I met my wife at and also learned this nugget. Animals pick up on intent…


Why I hate butchering

As one progresses towards doing the same thing for a very long time there are aspects that creep in that disrupt the passion.

I’ve been butchering and slaughtering livestock for almost twelve years and in that time I have went from on fire passionate about it to almost bored with it to a certain standoffishness to a passionate dislike of it on some days…


Novelty in what we do

Have you ever tried doing your job left handed? I have tried it and so far, only been able to do parts of it. But for some reason, switching hands leads to our brain synapses being all fired up and excitable.

Now, for those who know, I butcher and play with knives for my job now. I have an overwhelming urge to move away from the killing of animals and playing with knives to doing something less bloody. Maybe, like Odd Thomas, to become a simple short order cook or furniture delivery person. Maybe simplifying would be just what life ordered…


Learning to break things down

Ok, you all have been a wonderful audience so far. even on a topic so uninteresting as slaughtering animals, you guys have found something of interest. sadly, it opened my eyes to how little I really wanted to continue this but it’s been good for me. Just when one thinks they have explored all angles, something new pops up to my conscious from wherever these things are from.

So, all this time, I’ve been feeling quite like Joseph from Genesis. sitting in prison waiting and waiting to get out and be able to help again, to be useful and to matter…


Taxidermy and its cousin butchering

Recently I was talking with a very awesome Godly couple who have their own taxidermy shop in Boone, Ia. S & S Taxidermy is the name and if any get their trophy, feel free to take it there. I personally like to drive and go out of my way to support Christian businesses, you can do what you like.

Its weird to think that there are so many people who have no idea that one simple deer can supply business and support to a wide range of services.

For instance…


halal slaughtering

The other day, i watched several videos of a muslim halal slaughter. Graphic and gruesome but very highly effective.

In halal slaughter there is no guns or hammers or anything but the name of God and a knife. Vastly similar to the Levites doing their priestly offering slaughters. Im not a muslim, so no, im not promoting their religion over any other. Im simply stating this guy in the video really opened my eyes.

In the video he gathers up sheep and goats and …


meat lockers

Heres a topic, i love talking about. I love the process that meat shops follow. From live animal to wrapped steaks.

I think it is a disservice to only work or visit one. I treat choosing one akin to choosing a church. Visit many until you find one that fits you.

One can come up with innovative solutions from new locations and new equipment.

For instance…


to marry a butcher

I dont know how i got a wonderful woman to fall in love with me and my bloody, smelly clothes but Im glad she did. Im going to ask my wifes perpective on this post.

What is it like having bloody clothes in your laundry? They are a pain to try and get clean.

Does it bother you to smell deer, hog, pig crap on your…


how deer hunters can tick off butchers

Ok so you have a deer (or a business, elevator pitch, artwork…) and you have field dressed it and are now bringing this into your favorite local locker and want it processed.

Some questions to ask yourself before you get there.

1. Did i cut…


how deer hunters can tick off butchers part 2

Ok, so youve hunted and are almost to the locker, heres some more things to ask beforehand.

4. Is it edible. You may look at me like ive lost my mind but time and again hunters bring in deer to the HUSH OR F&H program ((help us stop hunger, famers and hunters, food pantries are…


how deer hunters can tick off butchers part 3

So, we have covered several topics to tick off meat lockers and i will wrap this up with this last thought.

5. Am i going to want the head, the antlers only or to cut into the skull? The fact that hunters do not know that the locker cannot do certain things…


butchering battleground

In life, there is competition and there is those who wish not to compete. Or, those who do not believe in anything but what they have always done. In a butchering business, it is not easy to win the competition or think outside the box for bigger market share.

I see alot of butcher shops hurting and alot that are thriving. Here, is some things any business can learn from thriving and dying butcher shops.

1. Treat your workers right and…


butchering battleground part 2

Yesterdays post, I shared some butchering metaphors to boost your business and place it on the path to tthrive. Today, we dig further in.

3. Skin it. Gut it. Split it. Break things down from the great big picture to smaller more easily handled portions…


butchering battleground part 3

To continue our topic of thriving your business.

5. Fill up your cooler. While you got your idea hanging and aging, now is the time to be gathering more…


butchering battleground part 4

More building your business to thrive.

7. Wrap it up. Packaging is important. Never underestimate a well designed package that is zen…


butchering battleground final part

Fifth and last post on tactic to cause your business to thrive!

9. Give the customer or guest as I prefer they be called outstanding


Elijah butchered

1 Kings 17 starts with us meeting the Tishbite. Some dude from the mountain who comes down from his mountain man existence to tell the king that rain isnt coming until


metal is unforgiving

Have you ever cut yourself on a sharp metal object? Its done before you even realize it and it cuts deep and is painful.

Have you ever tried going through a solid metal object? Its heavy and solid and not going to move. It doesnt accomodate a person like water or allow some effort to change it sform. It takes sheer power to move the things which help us move.

Metal is unforgiving…


butchering with the end in mind

Every cut, every knife stroke and every single event leading up to the customer receiving the meat, cooking it tenderly over their heat of choice, is momentous. Each satisfied customer is a customer who will all market for you just based on your treatment of them. Each chance that an opportunity to impress someone else is presented, the brand gets bigger…


butchering and its barrels

All Butcher shops have these gigungus fifty gallon barrels used to hold the offal (waste) and also the goods. The goods could be considered to be the hides from beef or even edible barrels full of bacon curing.

We too can be the barrel for good or the barrel…


carry it in, carry it out. repeat process.

It is most frustrating to have to repeat the same steps, lift the boxes or objects repeatedly in and out, while waiting for results. Results don’t just happen overnight, in fact, it takes quite a long while. The German word langweilig means…


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