The news always provides plenty of fodder. Twitter feeds also. If you are a writer, there are many hot button issues at your writing behest just waiting to be delved into.

Roseanne was in the news this week. Vj, before clarifying might have been, or, could have been, anyone. Justifying things always makes them worse.  Always.

“By not putting on a show, he shines. By not justifying himself, he is distinguished…” Meditation quote.


Racism is hurled around as a word with so much emphasis as of late, that the emphasis loses its meaning or importance.


I was raised different. Not in this pc crap hole known to be our current lives. Jokes cant be funny if they haveto be weighed carefully based on offenses.  Which is why there isnt many comedians i seek out to entertain me any longer.  I entertain myself most of the time anyway.


This all being said.


Vj is not black. Why is black a protected, exalted race atm? The special flavor du jour. Equal protection under the law is already a thing.  It doesn’t matter about race, creed, sex, religion or any of those other highlighted flyover.  It matters not to the law that one is gay or trans or black or purple.  These things weren’t always the case.


Affirmative action harmed a lot of things.  It took character (which MLK JR. Advocated for) and made it purely about color to fill quotas.  Does this not affect our own personal leanings in a big way?  You betcha.  We are onto a colored candidate to fill numbers on our govt forms. Doesn’t this whole process revolve around removing fair from our own definitions? It takes the best candidate who has the skills and throws them to the bottom of the pile instead of a fair shot.


Now lets address cutting off someone’s leg to be clapping oneself on the back for helping them with getting a crutch. A crutch is dangerous. Very.


In butchering, if one can’t make an animal walk into be butchered, one can’t butcher it without strict regulations.


In nursing, one should not do things for a long term care patient or resident that they are capable of doing for themselves.  Not handing them a crutch in other words.


In jobs I have had, there has been few that would have cared what color I was as long as I could do the work and was able to work with the already established crew.  Many places, the crew sucked donkey balls. That’s work people though.


The next point is through persuasion power alone. Taking to Twitter to bash someone will never help or change a person. Never. So if someone says something disagreeable, they have that right under Gods bill or rights.  But feelings are taking way more importance than the ought to in today’s society.


I grew up with people I liked and people I didn’t. We all did. I did what i could to avoid those i didnt like while making more time for those i did.


We all have that option.  I was always under the impression that there would be people we disagreed with but the line of distinction was violence.  Violence means the talking is done and our feelings about a persons wrongs (perceived by us) cause a person to use force to prove a point. Thats the real racism. The threat of force. To silence anothers freedom because of a fear that we might just have met a person we dislike but must maintain a healthy, if not a distant relationship with.  The fear being that they want to change us or we want to change them. There should be no fear. Only working together.  With the utmost respect when ever possible.


So, a racist to me (in my limited understanding) would be walking down the street and needing to punch or cause harm to another for whatever reason.  Punching a faggot. Punching a drag dressed man. Punching a black person.


I have scoured my heart and none of these things reside in my heart. How about yours?  I want to see a way to help those i encounter. Not with violence or crutches or harsh words. But with love. Love everybody always. The Bob Goff book on the matter is what im current on reading.


So forgive the hurtful words, watch for the violent ones just in case and treat everyone like you want to be treated.


How about you?


The return try

Gonna say that its been a long time since ive written here. I have grown since. Some of my posts upon reading after an absence are down right horrible.


Not this go round though. Back to writing with the butcheringsaint moniker and you will note some changes.


Its been four years since abandoning this blog as i worked on my own website.


So, hello, lets begin again, shall we? Good to meet uou and much love in the near to next futures.


At the time my wife and I met, I had a very gregarious personality.  She describes it frequently as “larger than life” and I can’t see it.  Took forever to open up and become one with my personality.  I know I was an extreme introvert up til that time.

For some reason, I must have simply adopted an outfit of an extrovert for that season.  It paid off well, years and four kids later.  But, nowadays, i’m reverted back to being an introvert.  Only very rarely do I don the wardrobe expected of an extrovert.  Mostly around campfires and my long time friends.

Here is a particularly odd challenge im facing because of this.  My music is suffering.  I’m playing out more than I ever have but i’m intensely disliking it.  The words freeze in my throat and they come out as murmurs or stammerings or gross misinterpretation of the original lyrics.  I’ve had to step back from performing and try to find a different alternative.

For some reason, that cape of extroversion is no longer available to me at this season.

I could give up and call it quits, I could shop for others to perform my songs or I could find solution(s).  I am going to go with the third option.  There is the internet and Youtube and various other outposts I can engage in without fear or fright or extreme nervousness around people.  Still trying to figure out what triggered this reversion?

Its tough to make art.  Its even tougher to present it well.  The thing I’ve had trouble with even more than anything is figuring out a way to make a living doing my art.  I know that when I can wear that cape of “invincibility” I can move a whole crowd of people to foot tapping and clapping and dancing.  But, that cape isn’t an at will thing (yet).

Which brings me back to you the reader.  What stands in your way that you have to reimagine or embrace differently to make it work for you?  Do you suffer from stagefright?  Do you have trouble throwing on the introversion cape?  Extroversion?  Meeting people?  Strange situations?  Do you present your art without fear but notice it appears elsewhere in your work/life/love?  do you like orange juice?  That last one is just for funzies.

I’d like to know if I am alone in this reversion or others face it as well.  Daily, it seems, I would like to be reminded by the vast world, that I am not as peculiar as I once thought.  A sense of belonging, maybe as I am sure we all long for that.  “Til then I walk alone,” Boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day

Interacting with freedom

Been listening to a great many audio books dealing with the theme of freedom.

Freedom to love, live, travel, learn, grow, face hard decisions with less than stellar results.

But mostly freedom of religion. I have always found it curious that America’s founding fathers did not say freedom from religion.  My basic belief?  That there was to be a thought about something larger than ourselves.

If people could get past the stigma of that humbling statement, the world would be better.

Better here, better there, better pretty much everywhere.

When man becomes arrogant about his arrogance and place in this life is when it gets all messed up and awry.  By that I mean simply this.  It does not matter to a person who views themselves as better in every way than anything ever created, they no longer have that humility that makes great men (women).

“Early man walked away
As modern man took control
There mind’s weren’t all the same
(And) To conquer was their goal
So he built his great empire
And he slaughtered his own kind
(And) He died a confused man
(He) Killed himself in his own mind”

Sublimes cover of We’re only gonna die for our arrogance.  can’t remember who did it originally and kind of feeling lazy after my paperroute this morning.  Its not a lmgtfy day.  Let me Google that for you, to clarify.

So, freedom.

Sometimes mistaken with freedom to do whatever pops into ones mind.  Murder, rape, incest, theft, greed, gluttony…

That is arrogance speaking loudly.  The kind not controlled by societal norms or religious boundaries or moral guidelines.  Not all mind you.  There is many atheists and Wiccans that frankly do better jobs of being moral or upright without a belief.  They put many Christians or Christ followers to shame.  Or, what about Buddhists, who do not kill bugs even.  They speak volumes about their place in the world and their acknowledgement of that.  So, i’m not going to generalize.  The arrogant have their place as well.

They teach the rest of us more about humility than we care to admit.  It is heady, the brew they concoct.  The power they seem to indulge in and lust and chase and pant after.  It makes us regular people want power too.  But, we choose instead to chase and retain wisdom.  For power will fade and lusts never get fulfilled, but wisdom remains.

So, our arrogance as human beings.  Not really freedom but free from.

Freedom.  Braveheart. America’s founding principle.

Freedom  as a verb.  Not a changing document.  Too many politicians and lawyers and doctors and gurus thinking of themselves as higher than their fellow man (woman).  that arrogance I refer to.

I miss the days where because freedom existed, one could post cartoons of Muslim religious figures without shootings.  That freedom then was a rare thing.  Where there ws a mutual respect for human life and liberty and individuals mattered.

The point im trying to get at eludes me, so I keep hinting at it.  Hoping that I will jog that part of my brains function to sort this mess out.  Its not crossing from the thinking to the being able to get it onto this page.  I humbly apologize.  its a rabbit hole… I’ve already indulged too much in my own arrogance.

Lets all take these snapshot paragraphs and see what blends and sticks?
some shoobey blues