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Greetings, I’m Nathan Schubick or Shoobey as some call me. I have had quite the interesting life already. I have enjoyed it all though and wouldn’t change a thing. The things I want to change are within me, my flaws and my fascination with them. I’m removing my own beam through this blog. I don’t plan on changing anyone else through it but me. I know that sounds selfish but it is not, I assure you. I just am aware that people will change when they are ready to. I’m ready to change and to be bold as a lion in doing so. If I should happen to make change happen, that is ok and if not, that is ok as well. For, I shall have changed through this process.

The name comes from the line of work I have been involved in for fifteen years! Butchering, meat cutting and livestock slaughtering. I’m going to go where the Spirit shall move me. Butchering and saint go together in some odd fashion. I’m still puzzled why the one day I decided to sign up for a Twitter account, the name popped out of nowhere, but it sticks.

My perspective is my own, no other person, group or entity can be held responsible for what I write here.

My gallup strengths are; includer, restorative, strategic, woo, connectedness

I’m an estp person. Let’s interact yall

I create, connect and deliver. (On my good days, lol)

Peace and  love!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for commenting on my post, “Lost And Found”. 1 Samuel 16:7 says people look at outward appearances but God sees our hearts. By what you’ve written, I can tell the LORD has done and is doing a work in your life. Many Christians sadly get caught up in the “religion” part of their faith and forget that Jesus was a walking, talking man who died for all of us. It takes a whole lot of different “types” to make up the body of Christ. Keep on being who you are in Christ and your story will have a conclusion that glorifies God in a way no one else can. God bless you!

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