My favorite guitar solo 2

My last post was a bit of humor. Bit of ego. Not really though. If you knew me at all you would know that I havent been able to solo effectively up until that recording. Live. One take. I should have mixed in a better vocal. My own voice has changed throughout the years. Yours will too.

So favorite solo? Thats tough. I grade on whether it fit the song and served it or not. Believe it or not, I tend to sing the guitar solos. My car. Don’t worry about it. Lolz.

Some great guitar solos are out there. Some great players. Some interesting techniques and some wild antics.

The trouble with fame, it seems ego is fulfilled and awakens an ancient whatevers.then the drinking. Then the drugs. Then harder shit. I want better role models. I want to hear the solo and feel that persons investment in it. Night after night. Day after day. Never mistreating the fans, but winning them over. Given to a lady at home and no hanky panky bullshit on the side. You hardly hear about it (I’m sure it exists) in country music. Jazz and blues as well. It seems gospel to want people who remain, integrity intact.

Who wouldn’t want a thousand girls? I did when I picked up guitar. Visions of beauties strutting around me. Then I growed. I want to love one woman more than a few thousand times. I want intimacy. I want honesty. I want it without my ego having to be inflated by the power one could wield if famous.

So, like our guitar solos we enjoy, we look forward to peeling back those layers of rock star nonsense. I don’t understand why someone would get rich and famous, mostly rich, and then vacate their neighborhoods and leave them in the background. A rearview town. I think a more suitable approach, would be to invest back into those communities. Grow them. So that batch of people, wherever they live, may also have opportunities.

Peace yall. Meek. (Power under control)

Pray for our nation. Pray hard for its leaders. For truth. For healing. For humanity being decent again.

Much love.

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