Fridge for 50 years

With the arrival of our new fridge, we asked ourselves a different question. What are we going to put in there? By now we know what sauces we like. We know what hot sauce, which barbecue sauce, which ketchup, which mustard. Which good cuisine will bless this mess for another long batch of time. Say, 50 years?

When you ask different questions, you get better results. Its that simple.

Your body does mysterious things when you ask of it. Rewiring. Forge coming soon! Been studying this hobby for 10 years with no hands on. Waiting on money, waiting on tools, waiting on coal, waiting to blacksmith. Learning at a very far distance. Why things had to be like this? Well, I didnt discover frugality such as auctions or closeouts. Didn’t manage money correctly. Didnt know how. Thought I never made enough. Blah blah blah. “Excuse upon excuse for why there isnt.” Bubba sparxxx.

Auctions. Thats all I got to say. Should have done this long ago.

Groceries? The more groceries the more trash seems to accumulate. Like, give me a barrel of something. I’ll get tired of it but figure out how to cook it to its maximum potential. If not I, somebody near enough to me, will.

Butchering. I kill shit and rip its guts out to make it useful. You ever look at Nathan in the Bible? Nathan walks right up to King David and speaks his mind. Doesnt mince words either. “Sir, I have some hard truths for you to be hearing noweth, henceforthwith.

Nathan. An interesting name for an interesting batch of people’s. People really should get themselves a tribe of Nathan people. Urinate. Combinat(e)ion. Plurality. Rambling.

I am psyched up. My kid puked in the car ride on the way home. That must be attended to. Post haste. Yuck. Our vehicle sways like a boat on an ocean. Like a 70s muscle. Its not a real fun drive. Things were supposed to be fixed, but mekanik, may have just not have. Thats why I try to keep my own things running. One maybe should.

One Thanksgiving, same kid came up and puked on my lap. This guy. Yeah. CNA work comes in handy in child raising. But its better to build boys than to mend men.

50 years. At 90, I think I’ll just wander off into the forest and die, dignified.

I really encourage the butchering, health, teaching, trades type of life. College is an expensive piece of paper but it doesnt always lead to contentment. 50 years in the fridge type of thinking.

He is risen. Faith.

Much love.

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