Some get read

Some get read and some should be, while others get ignored. Some praised and should be ignored. But it is what it is.

A lot of new things have come our way as a tribe. I hope your tribe gets good stuff too.

I have had a butchering “coincidence” recent, that is of note here. I ran into the old butchering boss. Ive wrote about him. I went out for a steak meal as a family. First time in 10 years. It’s cool when children get older…rambled. So rare for me to be there, rare to be there and spot this guy. Had a half hour conversation with the man. He still has taught me the craft from his well of knowledge. I had to move on to learn more from others. Who knows? Closure?

Had my first visit with my grandma the other day, first in a year and a half. I needed distance. Alot of happenings happened while I was away. Threw out my hand me down fridge with its twice handed bitter memories. Got a new one. Most people go larger. I do not. Smaller. Fits under my cabinet, finally makes the flow right.

So while America is being crippled and bankrupted and rampaged, I got a new fridge. I dont like where this heads as it stands. God puts people in power. He knows their darkness if there be any in it.

“Its a rental”

Motto recent and not forgotten.

Yeah so is our body but I still managed to find the weed shops. Lord, knows I smoke weed. I seen it work. my crippled ass father had a truckload of pills but none of them worked. But weed made him tolerable. He wasn’t always mellow. Too worked up, shoulda taken up art or music production. Or painting. Something to find peace.

Meeting up with enemies is hard. Harder is letting that anger affect you now. Holding it will always harm the holder.

Movie tip. If there be all these offended (weeping and gnashing of teeth) ones, why not have every movie with every actor/tress voice it. Select it and go. You want somebody like Samuel Jackson in the Hobbit? Pick em… Or put jack black within the vampire realm or what have you? Lucy Liu in a chick flick. (My personal fave is Rom coms. I dislike the suspense genre. Gore, it is obvious, is ok to me.Just seen too many real life stuff movies can’t quite grasp. Real situations.

Pick em.

Keep writing. Be your biggest fan. Cheer yourself on. Fight for thy right to partyeth.

Much love

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