Alpha females

One might be a baddie and one might be a goodie. When alpha females start out of the woodwork. They don’t come out the woodwork just for any regular dude. Something intrigues and they give Chase. Guys, this is a good sign I would take it. No thanks though on my end. I have my lady. Like I need more idiot drama in my life. Hard pass.

I always wanted to be a man amongst men. Started the journey with not a hint of clue what I was to do, or what qualities I thought led there. Starting point, in fact, is not a reality until there is vision. Look backwards from our caskets and hear what people would bring up at our funerals.

Ive always found talented and admirable people in my life. Some, quite respectable. Jammed with a good many peoples and synergized with a few. Known a few, solid excellent women. Gratitude.

So was out one night, had a sip of whiskey peanut butter. Screwball. Great in coffee. Wife was there at the show, and this stranger and her flask was passed. I was clueless and missed she was even hitting on me. Waltzed right up and introduced herself to my wife. Oh she got the icy stare. Ooh. Colder. I missed all this. Had no clue. Straight up over my fence.

So, my alpha female is a lion not a sheep. Most of our relationships could be committed too. We gotta teach each other to lead through this life. What people dont understand, is that leadership and its fruits do bring order. A somewhat chaotic as life goes, disaster of order. What a ruckus. But if weak, become strong while appearing weak. Art of war type mentality.

Ive recently read Rex Brown (pantera bassist) and Fieldy (korn bassist). Modern day Solomon’s. You ask me. Had everything but it became nothing. They seem like kick ass peoples. Interesting takes on it all. You know me, I’m into interesting takes.

I have too many guitars but want more. I dreamed twice a month with catalogs from Americanmusicalsupply and musicians friend. Got me wanting to build guitars (an itch yet to scratch. Too much dreaming.

“Fear can steal your dreams but so can cobwebs. Play!!!” Me. Yours truly from my only published work.

Life got you down. Chin up. Cheer up. Hope comes.

Lot of messiness in peoples lives. I try not to be involved. Not my circus and not my monkeys.

“A new level of confidence and power” pantera. Much love.

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