Everything agenda

But everything is not everything. It never will be. Whats our expectations for the time.?

The people I’m to reach dont live inside their churches walls. My people to reach stay as far from there as possible. but whoever, we are here to help, we must remember to serve and to wash feet.

The Lord has a plan. Sit calm y’all.

My wife found a soap opera; shadowhunters from City of Bones (the books). I think its too much like general Hospital or Days of our Lives but there’s vampires and werewolfs and other odd interesting shit down the rabbit hole of life. I give it a stale. She rates it superb. One can only make their own mind up.

Loving too many cats is a problem. Find them homes. Spay and neuter them. Dont let em breed like digging rabbits.

Following a path is rarely easy. I reread the cube van chronicles and I turned to look as a dunce. Where the story went from there is a wild adventure. Might do something with the arsonists tying it all together. No printer ink for read and edit phase.

Her birthday is today. A cute little fishy. A contradiction but to quote my own song, Dance with you,

“Shapes and colors, diamonds or dumpsters, cut like a knife, there’s no other, not another lover, I want by my side, weve had moments where weve barely spoken but weve survived, together we live, we love, we ride.”

(Now how is that for a chorus).

Ive walked a semi good path. It never is easy to find a path. But do all parents help that matter?. It’s hard to see trades neglected and college tossed at us, instead. My college neglected to let me in. Hell, I thought there was only prestige and clout with the one and not the other

Stay well y’all. Fuck covid. Destroyed a planet a little too damn well that it doesnt sit right and there’s too many questions not answered? Nah. Who cares. Faith over fear. Be easy!

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