I never used to get carsick. First night I ran papers for my new means, I got carsick. Not just a little bit either. But, full on chunks right out the window. Gross right? Sorry for such an introduction

I think my first reaction, is how could this be? I’ve never ever had this problem before?

Second reaction. I gotta lay down and get out of this horrendous lurching vehicle.

Third thought, what can I do to calm my stomach if this is to be the norm? After all, a job is a means at the moment and i’d really like to give this an honest effort.

So I asked around and it was recommended to me to use peppermint. So, I bought a bunch of those starlight mints at a gas station for 2/$3 and went out the next night. Nothing. Felt urpy but was not blowing chunks or even near the limits. Cool, found something that works. Learned in other conversations as well that food in ones stomach seems to settle the urge too. Ok, two options and workable solutions. I’m in.

Lately there has been conflicting schedules. Wife works at 6 am and I’m still running papers on occasion at 6. Rather than get a babysitter, we just load them into the vehicle and they get to run the route with me. Well, twice we have done this anyway. Last week, one boy refused to eat breakfast or mints and horfed all over the new(to us) van and floor and seats. This week, same thing but both boys.

It kind of pissed me off because I handed them bags to puke into. Now, I don’t always have time to find a bucket or something either but dangit, its frustrating. So, the whole rest of the route we had to smell nasty, disgusting vomit before I could clean it up. Ewwww.

I had no reason to be pissed. I know that. But, things don’t always work as our head logic and our heart emotion war. I’ve been tired (no excuse), I’ve been struggling (no excuse), things keep breaking(no excuse), bills are overdue (no excuse), children being petty, selfish and whiny (no excuse). But, I became pissy. Mostly because I had to finish my route and it saddened me greatly that I had to put kids in a position to get sick. Mostly frustrated by the fact that they had eaten, I had given them peppermints and bags in case they needed them. It also could have been that for once, I would like to have a vehicle without stains or French fries on the seat or under it. I know all these things contribute on a daily basis to our stress levels, but I take full responsibility.

Funny thing was as soon as I got pissed and beat my newspapers on the steering wheel and screamed, not at the children, but the situation. I noticed one of my customers standing and watching me. changed my attitude real quick. the situation hadn’t changed just my view of it.

I learned something about myself in this moment. that it truly is embarrassing to be caught with ones proverbial pants down. Also, that resale value is not more important than lifelong character and restraint. there is a proper time to vent anger. That is made clear on a religious front by Jesus, “tossing them temple tables”. in the words of DC talk anyway.

SO, thanks to that man for changing my thinking in a sudden hurry. I would have stayed mad all day and grouchy. Instead, I realized once again (as almost daily) that my duty as a parent comes also with responsibility to clean up puke. Even if it disgusts me or leaves a stain. They are more important.

Grateful daily. Grateful that life always seems to find ways to renew our focus. Whether it is from someone watching or some random event, we are diverted at times most important. Trouble lies if we keep trying to refocus on the trouble causing event vs the intrusion that happened right in the middle of it.

What about you? What steps have you taken to not show the cumulative effects of stress as a parent? i’m all ears. or, eyes rather.

Blessings come.


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