All at once

Or nothing at all.  Feast or famine.  Waiting for full or running till empty.  I’m quite used to both.  I would like to post my opinion (for what its worth) on the whole death penalty at this time in America.

I’m against it.

That’s the starter to the argument im about to present.

First though, I would love to present to you the fact that I used to be for it.  Totally for it.  I thought it would save taxes (which it would after the appeals process), I thought it would make criminals less likely to want to wind up that way, also as a way to keep society in line.  So, yes, I used to be for it.

A couple of things changed my mind.

1. I can’t think of too many people in America in a government position that has morals enough to carry this out with good conscience for their own soul.

2. Upon reading more into the Bible, I’ve been trying to study if there ever was a death penalty?  I haven’t found one.  If there is, I am well open to discussion and searching into it. Moses, David, Elijah and Paul were all guilty of murder.

So, if the death penalty was practiced, chances are it didn’t apply to them.  That puts us on in a weird little spiritual spot.  The spot that says the God taught through the Bible and in real life picks and chooses with favor to individual.  I’m not real sure that is the case.  We are told repeatedly to not esteem one higher than another.  We are all equal and all that goes with it.

Well, if Moses and Paul (who had a hand in a multitude of murders and murderous parties, were not treated to a chair of electricity or a lethal needle, why?

The only plausible answer I could see is that God knew the ends better than humans and He wanted to show grace and mercy.


3.  This government should not have power to take its citizens lives.  Period and end of story.  I could get behind it a lot more with strong leaders who in good conscience would not have celebrated justice with cheering but been saddened by it immensely.  So, i’d just really rather not give rise to hand my life or anyone’s life over to a less than trustworthy batch of bloodthirsties.

4.  What is it going to solve?  its society that is the problem right now and our penal system reflects that.  So how do we fix society?  there are steps we could take.  Less dependence on a government for their well being and day to day living, for starters.  There are many and i’m not bright enough to engage more in those lofty matters.

5.  it feels wrong.  If a federal government overrides the will of its sovereign states, it makes me question why.  Why do they want to make an example of this one and not many others?

6. What about abortion, can we oppose abortion and support the death penalty or is that too much of a hypocrisy?

The abortion thing tripped me up for a long time because I knew people who had done it and I didn’t want to throw them under the bus.  But, that’s not up to me.  it feels wrong. All lives matter.  American, Canadian, European, Asian… police, paupers, ceo’s…

that’s all I got.  What is your take.  You for it against it or neutral like Switzerland?

Lets discuss at least like rational beings with morals regardless of belief system.


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