I have a feeling

That I lost most of you who once upon a time who followed me.  The inactivity, the lack of follow through and the path I seemed to want to lead my good friends (you) on.  So apologies are needed.  I realized much after the fact that I might want to push marijuana to be legalized but most of my wonderful readership did not.

I’m not wanting to be that guy or person that wants to use their platform to promote change contrary to readership.

So, please allow me a start over.

I no longer butcher.

I haven’t done construction in some time.

I’m kind of a fake according to what I’ve reread about the writings here.

So, here is the fake parts.  I try hard daily to be a model Christian but I fail often.  I cuss, drink, smoke weed every once in a great while and I don’t forgive as easily as I should.  I hold grudges and hurts and pains close to me for artillery later.  I have been on public aid and battled cockroaches in my home.

Here is the real.  I have a love of writing.  I got 150 people (you the reader once again) to become interested in something very uninteresting.

I’d like to regain your trust at some point.  So, this is me, reintroducing myself to you.

Hello, my name is Nathan Schubick aka Shoobey and I plan on keeping butcheringsaint as my outlet for the purely religious things i’d like to dissect with you awesome peoples.  For things not generally pertaining to but hinting at a strong belief, shoobey.com is open now and getting warmed up.


3 thoughts on “I have a feeling

  1. Welcome back. I look forward to hear more of the the difficult pilgrimage that we are on – towards Christlikeness and the Kingdom.

    One of my favourite authors is Brennan Manning – an incomplete saint who can teach us much through his own struggle with brokenness. Shalom.

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