Stand up

Lately the wife and I have been watching every single stand up comedian that Netflix offers to us. We learn a great deal about society and what is going on in the world. Of course we do not watch willy nilly. If we do not agree with someone morally, we turn them off. We can see past the cuss words and the dirty jokes.

We also use this as a litmus test for the state of America’s religious climate. Political comedians, religious comedians, food comedians are all part and parcel.

Lets start laughing again people. How important is laughter? Very, I think. We all are caught up being way too serious once in a while. A season for that too but we are gonna need some laughs to get us through (what I think is going to happen next).

Partly, makes me want to start doing a stand up routine of my own. We will see on that one. Peace.

oh, by the way, we like Josh Blue, Dan Frieman and some others if you care to investigate for yourself. Put your armor on first though Christians. Not for the faint of heart.


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