Why hemp is illegal

A lot of great thought provoking things contained here at this url. I hope you take the time and read it. I again, encourage you to make up your own mind. I am not saying we all need to get high. I am saying people should have that freedom. So, if after reading, you wanna debate? Place your comments below and we can have a respectful dialogue. Looking forward to hearing from you all!



One thought on “Why hemp is illegal

  1. Whilst your points are interesting prolonged exposure to endocannabanoids such as TCH actually can induce psychosis, at The University of London where one research doctor and his team (which I had chance to study under) research the medicinal benefits of TCH (which are many varied it’s true, but entirely dose dependant) found that:
    Receptors in our brains and other cells are up-regulated with repeated exposure meaning that tolerance would develop in a short time and ever increasing doses be available for long term therapeutic benefit. Prolonged exposure to endocannabinoids can indeed result in psychosis as several of the brains mediators are blocked from accessing their receptors, these receptors are also down regulated (meaning fewer available) over time meaning that potent brain chemicals remain circulating the brain searching for a receptor and eventually cause a type of brain poisoning with episodes of psychosis similar in presentation to schizophrenia, clinical depression may also result from mere social usage although that is harder to correlate.
    I am not against marijuana per say I don’t consider it any more dangerous than alcohol, chronic alcoholics may also get a mental disease known colloquially as wet brain, However if you truly want to present a balanced view you may wish to consider some more recent evidence including the work of Prof James Whittaker who has no vested interest other than curing arthritis and such inflammatory conditions. I am sure that his findings could be manipulated and twisted in support of either side to be honest.

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