What a pothead knows

If, you have ever been around pot smokers for awhile you begin to notice certain things, they generally, have in common. The rest of us could learn from these things.

1. They share. They light a bowl, pass it around and enjoy a high together. When was the last time you enjoyed a religious high with someone? It’s been awhile for me as well. Most of us are afraid to eat after another human has touched it. Pot smokers are not. They put their lips right up to the bong and puff that sucker! They share fire and nature. Man has been doing that for longer than we have tried to stop people from it.

2. They are peaceful. Most anyway. Some are just dicks no matter what they do. But, on the whole, they have a bigger percentage of people who practice nonviolence than most Christians I know. To clarify, they will stand up for themselves with guns or whatever if threatened but mostly, they want to be left alone. Whereas, some certain overzealous Christians started the Crusades over their beliefs. I’m just stating that we are not practicing God’s love for all His children if we are antagonistic one to another. Not this, let me smack you with the Bible till you feel so threatened you have no choice but to join. That is not what it is all about. If a pot head asks you to smoke and you decline, it is all good. (generally). If they don’t trust you they will not smoke around you.

3. They are hungry. They seek what they want. To some, it is considered laziness. Others consider their entire lives spent searching for their next high is downright disgraceful. I, on the other hand, think more Christians ought to be going around searching for the Lord in the same manner. Not this, oh gee well I hope maybe God comes through for me. To go out and stand firm on the promises of God.

4. They are creative! They need a way to mix fire and air and a naturally growing plant and have no access. The common man would say eff it and give up. These people tend to find a way. How many of us want God’s help in some way? We sit around we pray and then it doesn’t happen? Potheads make it happen. We could use more people like that. They start mixing duct tape and gas masks and whatever else is at their disposal to make their goal a reality. I love that about them! Christians? Not so much. (generally). We get stuck on something and we see a few items over here and there but we don’t actively engage our brains to come up with the solution hiding right below the surface.

5. They are able to deal with anxiety and morality better than most. Ok, hang with me here. To uphold the law is good but sometimes, laws must needs to be broken. These guys are willing to break the law to live to the fullest life possible. Moses’ parents broke the law in the Bible. Yeah, how many of us would have shipped that little baby up the river in a barrel? Paul, broke the law. Read any of his scriptures and there he was, resting in a jail cell somewhere for doing what he thought right!!! Christians? Not many. Jesus was famous for breaking the law!! Healing on the Sabbath, forgiving sinners, eating and working on the Sabbath… I encourage you to read even a little closer to us in history. The underground railroad. Those people risked death for freedom. Which one was doing right? No brainer for you as well? good! What about Rosa Parks sitting on that bus? She knew she was in the wrong but doing right!!!! What about all the people who have sat down peacefully at segregated restaraunts? Yeah, they did the right thing even though it was considered wrong.

6. They are great to be around. Not when they are sober but most pot smokers go off in their own little world sober. They come together in groups to get stoned. We should practice that! To go get filled by the Holy Ghost as a group and then go do our own duties throughout the week!

7. Artistic. God is an artist. He is not a consumer as most people are referred to nowadays. I too, am a producer, not a consumer. I create things. Maybe things only cool to me, but I love that feeling of creation! More Christians could learn to do this and we would have a changed world.

So, tomorrow, I may continue this legalizing pot thing. I hope to not have offended any of you, but if I have, I leave the comments open for respectful public discourse. If, you want to get nasty about it? I will not keep your thought up here. I’m not advocating that people smoke pot. I just want it legal so people can if they want. Peace!


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