Losing my way

Some speak of losing their religion. Others speak of losing their faith. Some lose hope, some lose their mind. Yet, some even lose everything.

Recently I have felt like I have been losing my way. I have been battling hard against certain issues which feel right but the “church” disagrees with. The bible is specific here but it still lands in a grey area.

Knowing me, I dig deep into those grey areas. So, bear with me as we can work this out. I say we, cause, well, I may need help. If I wander too far off the path, I pray that God can use people in my life to bring me back.

So, let me lay this out on the line for everyone. I have recently started to believe in the legalization of weed. I no longer smoke the stuff, except on a very special occasion, but I firmly am believing in people’s right to do so. Seriously, we can have gay marriage legalized in America but cannot use a plant for its benefits? Come on!

In America, we can choose to drink or not drink or to pop pills or not. Well, why can’t we partake of something God put here that is natural? Man makes pills. Man makes beer. I’m not opposed to them for their purpose but how many of us (recoverers) pray before we ingest a pill the doc prescribes? How many pray before we drink a beer? Before smoking a cigarette? Not very many.

So, here is a downfall with trusting in man’s pills. Have you ever seen the side effects that may be caused by taking these things? Wow. The side effects are worse than the root problem! I may be off the mark here but I don’t think God gave us a self healing system to depend on man making pills.

I have heard of people who have been cured from cancer by changing their diet and getting back in touch with their spiritual part of their being. I have seen miracles happen. Healing, has happened where man said, death was inevitable.

So, people are not free is what i’m driving at. You can pop pills because they are prescribed from some doctor who is getting paid to endorse these things… not all mind you. You can drink beer, go drive and kill people. You can pop pills and kill people and blame your meds. I see people with t shirts all the time that say, if it wasn’t for my meds, I would be in prison. That is not being fully alive in Christ.

Let me ask about the kids the doctors have prescribed Ritalin or lithium to? How is their life? Yes, some need it. But, most often, it is our go to number one answer instead of the last resort it should be.

I used to pass medications for a great group of disabled and mentally challenged individuals. All those pills didn’t stop the seizures from happening. Sometimes, I personally think that they made them worse. I would have liked to have seen their whole medical record to ascertain whether or not, they had started with pills from the get go or not. Probably they didn’t even try an alternative. That is the problem. We should trust doctors but on the hierarchy of trust, it should be after consulting God.

So, let me leave you with this thought. Since all the propaganda has been driven down peoples throats about the dangers of God’s natural wonder of a plant, how do we get back to God? Yes, I know. There is no money in that. These pills and this beer is taxable and makes industry thrive. Problem is? Wrong things thriving….. Tomorrow, my post is on what potheads know that most people (even good solid, upstanding citizen Christ followers) don’t. Peace and love.


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