Dont push

More wrenching wisdom today.

If something does not go easily, don’t push it.

I had trouble with a hood latch on a semi the other day. I closed the one side and the latch was tight, so I have learned not to push it. I checked out the other side and sure enough, the other latch had gotten caught under the hood. It was a good thing, I noticed this normally smooth operating thing being extremely difficult. There is a reason for that. Had I pushed it shut, it might have cause some severe difficulty opening it next time.

The other day, child number 3 decided to open the door. Child baby number 4, at ten months old, was in front of said door. Before we could get there, number three had forced the door open resulting in a little ouch. We call number 3, Dozer, for said reasons such as this. So, after the medic (mom) had showed up and made it better, we had a sit down with mr Dozer. he’s 2, so I doubt it had much impact. But, there is always a chance.

I have seen this push/don’t push philosophy in previous relationships with people. Some people see that its tough and push. I’m not saying anything about persevering towards your goals. I’m stating, in an argument with a spouse, or friend or what have you. Some people push. The one person walks away, the other person continues to argue while following the other. This is bad. When one walks away, the argument or disagreement is over. Go, cool off and maybe later in a calmer state, you could hash it out. if not, at least it didn’t escalate. And, bonus, you may have forgotten what you were arguing about… extra points!!!

Peace. much love.


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