Everything has a memory

How many of you have ever disassembled something? A few?

If you haven’t, this post is for you.

A small business owner taught me something very important recently. We were taking out and replacing a transmission in a semi truck and we had forgotten what wires went where to hook it back up. He came over and said, “everything has a memory.” Meaning, these things know where they go, we just need to relax and let the hoses and cables speak to us.

I will ponder the implications of this for years to come but I can already tell you there is great wisdom in this mindset. “The wise will draw it out.”

This doesn’t even have to be about mechanical engines or electronic components, it is health to your bones! For instance, if you play an instrument, after so long, your fingers know where they should go. They have a memory. If someone come up against the challenge of amnesia and had been playing an instrument for years, they almost certainly could be able to play the instrument without knowing they could.

so, you see, it is up to us to spot the memory and let it guide us. Time to remove one of your senses (temporarily), and remember! By this I do not mean make yourself blind or deaf or dumb or mute by cutting out your tongue, but to try doing something with a blindfold. Playing guitar for one. Put a blindfold on or ear plugs. That way you have to play by memory and not by sight and sound. See what comes out. I encourage you to do this a lot. Actually, I encourage myself, but if you do it too, I think we all could benefit from it.

As a child, we started by seeing everything, tasting everything(everything went in our mouths), smelling everything and touching it. Now as adults we forget that we used to be foreign to all this and explored it all thoroughly. Let us go back to being childlike in that regard. Everything has a memory.


2 thoughts on “Everything has a memory

  1. Ah, in one of my recent posts I want to be a child again too.

    I think that by acting as if everything is a memory would make you commit to situations that little bit more. It will make you want to relive, learn and explore. It’s a great mindset to uphold – you are constantly aware of being educated by everything you experience. Who doesn’t like feeling like they have learnt something which feels old yet is so new to you?

    • Great thoughts!!! I forget on occasion to treat every moment like a memory but I think we all could embrace them more often!!! learning something new is always invigorating!! that is awesome, thanks for the comment!

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