The path

I journey up the mountain trying to find peace of mind
I wander through the desert of spiritual decline
Or what I used to think that meant
Now, it just feels like Job, represent
Fleeting and simple, so colorful and true
religion isn’t the rules, it is you being you
find what you were created uniquely for
Then go serve others or help out the poor

Reward and relief, I speak with the trees
seeking the fat guy, or Buddha to those who also do seek
But, that dude ate too many pizzas, has too many thumbs
I’m not sure, that end is what I really, really want
So, go be creative and swallow your truth
Life is not disappointed at you being you
Go and become one with your dreams and be free
God doesn’t want you to wither or wheeze

spinsters and solemn, undressing the fallen
soldiers and sinners, reckless and appalling
Change is the new way to the “goals”
I prefer to shun that way and go it alone
faith in nothing seems like a brilliant idea for the atheists
till the end comes and they realize that there might be more than there is
So, a cuss word, a promise, a strict, lasting vow
Seems to be where i’m dwelling now, no doubt, look around


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