Jamming at the Mill

In the city lights of such a wonderful college town, there lies a restaurant. It is a glorious town with a culturally diverse group of decent people. Some are smart too.

That restaurant is named the Mill. I have been aware of this fine establishment for about fifteen years or so. I happened to spot an open mic sign once upon a time and signed up… embarrassingly played my way through my thirty minute sets and loved it. I had forgotten about playing there over the last ten years or so. More like hadn’t thought I was good enough.

That all changed with the writing down of my goal sheet this year. To play live at least 7 times by November 22nd. To date, I have played four separate Mondays, scheduled for next Monday Oct 28th and having a ball! It slipped my mind how much fun playing in front of people was. Then again, I have used my time off to somewhat better my craft.

Heres a downside to following your dream with a fiery passion though. It’s hard work. It takes preparation and determination and perseverance. So, basically, I have not done well yet due to lack of those things. I can play guitar all the time and it sounds decent. Then I play in front of people and they are all staring at me like I should sing something. Then I sing something, forget the words and lose the music. My heart beats so loud, i’m worried that my guitar wont be heard over it. My sweat beads on my forehead. My palms get sweaty. That lizard brain kicks in and says, who are you to do this. You should be afraid. You should be worried what the people think of you.

No, not so much. Thanks though, lizard brain for the input but i’m gonna just jam and have fun. If I fail, I learn. If I succeed, I learn. Win and double win.

So, here is my tipping of the hat to such a great and awesome place. The food is excellent. The service is stupendous. The chance to perform in front of people who dig the acoustic scene is just amazing. I encourage each and every person to go check this place out if you get a chance. The Mill Restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa. Peace all. Follow your dreams, set goals and work it!


2 thoughts on “Jamming at the Mill

  1. Been offline for a while but you were the first person I visited and thank goodness I did. Well done for performing, it’s no easy feat. I have been performing in my local open mic and get the same feelings. I forgot the words to a song and when I remembered them my voice sounded weird over the mic, put me right off it did. But, I continued and ended strong. The problem with us passionate people is we over think! We need to stop that and give ourselves a pat on the back for facing our challenges head on and reaching the end.
    Keep up the new found enjoyment and may happiness shine on you.

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