Government shut down

How you doing?

I’m fine as well, without a government, life really could continue on as it has previously.

My solution? Fire em all.

Seriously with the exception of a few people, I say fire them all. Fire the president, fire the senate, fire the house. Start over.

How bad would it be?

America just got out of several bad relationships, couldn’t we just be single for awhile? That is a thought from Katt Williams himself. Not my thinking. But, still a good thought.

If I did that poorly at a job like say, flipping burgers and costing the Mickey D’s 80000 times more money than they brought in in a year, I would be fired. Sh canned so dang fast that heads would be spinning and the table wouldn’t even have gotten dirty yet.

If I fouled things up that damn bad, I wouldn’t worry about anything but trying to pick myself up from the cold hard concrete. The place where life just kicked me to, nurse my wounds and learn. I sure wouldn’t want to continue doing such a crappy job.

But, enough about me, how are you taking all this? You angry? You losing relatives, er um, I mean friends over your opinion either way?

How about the government workers that got laid off? They gonna be ok? I hope so. I really do.

How about those utterly dependent on the government for basic provisions? I’m not talking those who actually are trying and keep getting their teeth knocked in, but those that want to make laziness a career opportunity. They gonna be ok? I hope so there too. Sadly, not all will be ok. Some may be devastated. Some may grow past it, some may not make it through the storm. My condolences. Hang in there though, America, we can be great again. We just need to change some things around.

No more greed and corruption and cock wars would be a great stepping stone patio leading to a beautiful looking bungalow style home. Let’s go there and do that, shall we?


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