Not average

God did not create any of us to be something we are not.

In high school I saw the cool group at the table, wanted to be them and obsessed over how I could become them. Perhaps I should have picked the smart kids to want to hang out with. Instead, I looked up to the trouble maker, hard rockin, hard partying types. I dug how they could be themselves and artistic and free to express themselves without the constraints of religion, parents or apparently a moral compass.

I have just caught myself doing that with another group of people. This batch however is the well known of the author world. I want to be them, I want to have their following and smell their roses, but alas, I cannot. I just need to be me.

This is a struggle. I am challenged by it. I want to be the person I was created to be. I want to have my own thoughts and opinions and not be swayed, but sometimes, we get swayed anyway. So, heres to those who are working on becoming themselves and comparing themselves to themselves. Be unique and grateful for the opportunity. Peace and love.

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