the silent struggles the inner plan, whatever happened to life on demand. sad in the shadows and feeling so broken. I keep hearing voices but its not you that has spoken. a wheel for the tire and brakes to the floor. Piles of me drift away from the shore. Awake, stand empty, I await the firing line. the dying, the plenty, all in their fine time

So life is not how I pictured, I go change and rearrange and still end up embittered. you don’t know me but you soon will. I feast in the dark and my blood it has spilt. Split like a face bleeding, in come the robbers, please take all away from the scene.

Life, like a moment, little by instant. In walks someone but they are not present. Strange the tomb and the savage as beasts. Little did I know that I would grow up to be like me. Beat the things in the past, can’t kick, can’t stray, but I have no other option past that.

Peace by the river and solemn so sweet. Sometimes we need comedy and sometimes defeat. the humor of life and almost so heavy. Like whipping cream but hold the wheel steady. Jump through the forest and shake off the leaves. I’m blind and i’m hoping that I get to be seen. Sticks and tigers and awful memories. Things i’m fighting become my enemies.


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  1. Never let the past dictate the future. And never live for the moment or satisfaction will elude you. The future is the only moment on time which we can change and eternity is forever . God bless my friend. 🙂

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