starting something new

If you have been following this for some time, you have witnessed my rambling, creative mind at work.

I’m feeling a strong urging to start this other blog topic on a separate page.

I’m peeking through some of my experiences to improve your business or interactions with employees. If, you were a former bad boss of mine, I’m about to rip all that apart and glean the wisdom from it. Pay attention. Learn this stuff so that your business or endeavors can succeed and prosper.

If you go from here to the blog I warn you that I’m going to do things a little bit different. So, for those easily offended that have previously followed my posts, I do not encourage you to check that one out. I have not changed but I must by all accounts be forthcoming and accurate.

Peace all and have an awesome weekend.


One thought on “starting something new

  1. Cool man….I’ll check it out. We’ve missed your rambling thoughts welcome back brother. I’ve been off twitter fer about a week now. It’s been very good. With the exception of a few automated tweets from SonsOfLiberty forum. I’ve felt like twitter has been coming between me and God so I figured (with my wife’s encouragement to abstain fer a while and reconnect with my Saviour.

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