done for now

hey all.  You have been spectacular to me over this last year of me blogging.  I have met some very cool people because of this.  Right now, I’m caught in transition.  Wife and I are trying to get the business paperwork ready to submit for a chicken processing place here in our town and I’ve had to take a job taking me away from the computer.  So, we are on the path placed before us but, we could use some prayers, as, this is not easy.  We appreciate you all hanging out here and listening to my ramblings.  I am sorry I don’t have more posts lined up and stuff but, this is life.  I will come back when able.  So, no, i’m not going to be near an electronic device capable of wi fi ing.  I’m excited and nervous about the future, but I know that God will reveal it to me.  Just like driving across a continent at dark, the road gets revealed one 40 yard sight at a time.  I will keep writing and working on new things, just will have to use analog (pen and paper) and then if, time permits, to be able to transfer it. 


The wife and I are starting journals however and I strongly encourage couples to do so.  Life and love and blessings for my regular readers.  I don’t have the answers, just more questions.  I wish all of you, an awesome audience in your ventures and peace, health, wealth, and happiness.  Play well!


8 thoughts on “done for now

    • thanks man! You as well. Cheers on growing through all that you’ve been through. Keep writing and reading and interacting to dig even deeper into who you are supposed to be. Peace and cheers!

  1. Starting a business is frightening and exciting. I understand where you’re at right now and totally agree that the best thing to do is to leave it to God. God’s blessings on your new business venture and in your life. I’ll miss your “ramblings” but look forward to your return. All the best! God bless your family and your work.

    • The only thing I can do is “leave it to God.” Oddly, because the moment I start interfering, I foul all things up, haha. I never knew there were so many emotions to be had during this whole process, but I think I’ve had all of them. God bless and keep you and family and your work as well. Thanks Terry for having an awesome blog and learning me some things along the way.

    • Thanks Bernadette! I will miss being able to read yours as well. May God bless and keep you and your family. New adventures abound, and they lay in front of our path for now. I will write again someday but for now, time to live and gather more material!

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