Hiring packet

Anyone else had to suffer through life’s modern marvel of the job application, hiring packet, safety instruction booklet? No wonder many people are out of work right now. They can’t finish the paperwork!

The modern day equivalent of signing ones rights away. They ask for your credit history, your medical history, your previous addresses for the past fifteen years. I can’t even remember all my addresses, let alone think my job needs that.

So many forms and signatures required. From the w4 to the i9 forms. So much useless crap.

I miss the simple applications. The ones we had to put our name, address, phone number, previous job, qualifications and so on.

I hate signing that dotted line saying, I can’t do anything illegal! I don’t think it is an employers right to decide what happens in a person’s free time. I think if a person wants to go home and relax, they should be able to in the way that best suits them. Sure, I might or might not agree with how they do it but its their choice.

What does an employer need my credit history for? Wow! Really? I can understand in a top secret, classified environment but to work at a factory? I understand it can be shown to prove trustworthiness but really? Can’t we just prove that in person. By, not stealing anything? By not, releasing trade secrets?

What a load of crap!

Anyone else disagree with the job application process nowadays? I would love to hear your take on it.


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