Long time ago, we were not controlled by greedy corporations, in a galaxy far, far, away.

Long time ago, everyone had a gun for protection.

Long ago, We had a choice between good and evil and knew the boundaries of both.

Now? Not so much.

People scream to the police to help because of an attack instead of being prepared themselves. People have forgotten more, in this age of information, than the previous generations had learned.

British rule was not very oppressive back before the Colonies banded together. Certainly not as oppressive as our current “regime” I mean, er, um, government.

In walks the TSA, NSA, DHS, DNR, IRS, CIA… etc.

I’m kind of on a rant here, so bear with me or leave. You got a problem with the country? Leave. You have an issue that offended you, get the heck over it.

It upsets me that the average citizen of America does not possess the wherewithal to go investigate for themselves and find truth. Now, they just expect to comply with all government officials, be felt up by the TSA, have no freedom and have to be spied on.

I’m not saying go be disobedient. I’m saying, go find truth.

We all want safety and security and we also want freedom. SO, the question is which one is more important. I tip my hat towards freedom. Any day, any situation.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” Much like the Israelites and their triumph out of Egypt oppression.

America has produced filth, dropped the worlds standards and caused so much evil in the few hundred years we’ve been banded together, one nation, (used to be) under God…

I was once asked (shortly after the Newtown shooting) what I would do if my kid was caught up in that and died. I responded, I would mourn their loss and try to pick up the pieces. I wouldn’t try to take peoples right to bear arms away or need to spy on them. I would pray the Lord opens up His gates for them and comfort my wife and I. I have no control over that. Nor, do I want control over that.

But again, I have much freedom. I am still (as of yet) able to say and speak what is on my mind. I have the right to bear arms, free speech and to choose which religion best suits me.

It is a buffet line of choices nowadays! You got this religion here that practices part Bible, part zen, part Hindu. This religion over there that practices maniacal fanaticism. That society teaching its ok to kill the innocent.

So, enough of the problems plaguing America which in turn plague the world. How about some solutions?

Lets go back to the Constitution for one. Lets strengthen the schools and teach people to find their own truth. Lets decrease the laws of the land. Lets just have covenants. Lets give everyone firearms training like Switzerland. Lets make natural drugs legal and provide assistance to those too wrapped up in them to live. Let’s grow hemp and use God’s replenishing bounty for our needs. Lets stop growing wasteful corn. Lets stop Nascar. Waste of money, tires, fuel…etc. I say that one partially joking tongue in cheek!

Let’s go back to making people apprentice under someone for a career and livelihood. Let’s make less trashy movies and scantily clad women or pictures available. Lets fire Congress and the President, and start over. Let’s make our government officials volunteer, lets stop taxes! Let’s live again! Rant is over, enjoy your day.


9 thoughts on “Patriot

    • Let me know what thoughts are worth chewing on. If I need to elaborate, I will gladly do so. I don’t normally rant, but today, felt appropriate. Have a blessed Friday and Saturday on through till the next week begins! Peace, cheers!

  1. Let’s see…so many things are going through my mind and heart.

    I believe in Capitalism and Free Enterprise…it is part of what makes our country great. However, satan always finds ways to deceive and corrupt hearts. We need to pray for conviction and conversion, and also live a life of integrity ourselves.

    Boundaries of good and evil are blurred….so very true.
    Allowing government to control and think for us.
    “God’s people” actually interacting with and condoning trashy entertainment, and I might add, abortion, homosexual marriage, promiscuity…..People are under deception-would rather be led with eyes closed; eyes have scales on them-are not grounded with God’s Word. I once read “you can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep”. Maybe appropriate?

    “Government should be volunteer based”…not sure if they need to be volunteer. However, at the very least…no lifetime benefits. I laugh when political strategists call them “public servants”. That’s really funny…considering the wealth they seem to acquire and the power associated with their “reign”.

    Those are my thoughts:-)

    • wow, you really went deep with this one and i’m so glad you shared. I agree on Capitalism and Free Enterprise. The further from God we get the worse it will be. You may not know this but our first several decades of Presidents and Congress were volunteers and not paid for service. They made money outside of the office in other words. We had no taxes till 1913 and we had good roads and police and military. In a weird catch 22 the poor people voted for taxes against the rich but the rich ricocheted it due to the law and lawyers. One must put on the whole armor of God. Eyes have scales on them right now indeed! Thank you so much Bernadette! I’m thankful for such
      sharing of wisdom from you! God bless!

      • It would be great if government officials volunteered their service…that would mean they actually cared about what is right for the country….upholding the Constitution. Government has grown so big, I doubt that would ever happen.

        I would rather vote for a person with integrity, who believes in this country, and has the integrity to lead, than a well versed, silver tongued politician, with no integrity. I have had it with the arrogance that is in office now.

        My hope is in the Lord. All things work toward good for those who love Him. No matter what things look like in the physical world, my hope and trust is in the Lord.

        Thanks for the interesting conversation:-) May God bless you and your family!

      • Integrity is a rare jewel nowadays! Here is my thought on the volunteer thing. There are some pastors who are volunteers (thankfully) and they have no regards to what division they must cater to. they then have freedom to do what needs done according to the will of the Lord! I am saddened when I see a pastor dependent on his livelihood from the church. He is bound by strings which control his morality. Not cool. One should cut ties like that, volunteer or whatever. “He who hates bribes shall live” from Proverbs. This, truly is an interesting conversation.

        Government is ridiculously huge, I will, also admit. “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”

    • lol I had to throw that one in for giggles. Stopping Nascar would really not do anything for the current Government. So, I was just adding a jab. So, yes, otherwise i’m with you for God family and constitutional values.

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