The crane! Look boss, De Crane, De Crane!

A very cool machine indeed! It makes light work of heavy things and makes construction so much easier. It gives humans reach, it gives humans power and other bennies (benefits).

Few things to remember about a crane are; make sure the operator sees you and knows where you are, if there is two hooks, hold them together until they are out of reach for safety sake, respect the man who is operating it, even if, he is a jerk. He knows things and makes your life easier.

Much like life, we should find those things that are a help to us and not a hindrance. We should seek, we should ask, we should stay diligent in our matters of curiosity to seek truth.

What is your crane?

For some, it is spirituality, some knowledge, some money, some it’s power, some it’s sex, but what, is yours? What helps you out?


2 thoughts on “Crane

  1. What supports me and lifts me up? What aids in fitting all the joints and tresses of life together to make a worthy structure? #1 is the God who saved me and daily refreshes me. #2 is my wife who holds me close and lifts me up in prayer and constructive criticism #3 my Christian friends and the local church under my pastor.

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