Doing concrete work is hard but it is very rewarding. I get to watch as something comes from nothing. Sand and water again take shape and all the elements line up and it is tremendously cool.

Such preparation goes into making things that are meant to last.

In order to form the concrete walls, one must run the rebar upwards and keep adding to it. One must leave enough left over to tie into. Without that knowledge, one would have to be tearing out all the concrete freshly poured to make the minor adjustments.

As in all things, the little things make huge differences. It wasn’t until the end of my first day ever doing concrete, that someone told me the trick to tying the metal wires tying the rebar together. Just simply pull out and use the metal twister and rotate. I had just been rotating all day up till that point. First day, much to learn.

A lot like another skill, that I’ve learned over time; butchering. One must pull the hide up on beef and out on pigs. Little things.

Pounding steel with a hammer, scraping the face of the grade with a long handled scraper, is not my idea of a good time, but it has definite benefits.

No wonder John Bonham (drummer for Led Zeppelin till his passing) could bang the crap out of the drums. Jimmy Page said, Bonzo (Bonhams nickname) was the only drummer he ever met who could pound the drums that hard! He did concrete work for a living i think. I went home and hit the skins so dang hard it almost hurt my ears! Jamming out is fun.

So here, I tie back into the bridge part of this thought. Want to be better at guitar? Do dishes, scrub walls, sand the crap out of something, color…etc. Very Karate Kid like.

Want to be a better drummer? Go, do concrete work, swing a sledgehammer, split firewood and do demolition work on a house (safely of course).

Want to be better as a person? Go, do the work assigned to you with vigor, joy and while searching for the meaning of the task. Or, at least, how it can also transfer to something you love doing.

So, this ties to that, that to this and eventually, the bridge emerges. The bridge to dreams, the bridge to wisdom, the bridge to “enlightenment”. So, go, be the unique person you were created to be and work on building those bridges. It will be worth it when all is realized! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Bridge

      • I agree! so often people want to just dabble or date or rent instead of commit. I had a twenty year old coworker, living with his girlfriend for two years, wanting to wait till she’s done with college(6 more years to be a vet) to get married. Wow, I told him, why don’t you just get married now? I’m not sure it’ll work out. Wow. So, what about ten years, twenty? at what point do we just go for it and close the escape hatches! Sorry, ranting, but in short, I agree. I do what I feel led to do with all that I possess or am able to do. Blessings!

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