Sand and water.

Look around. Notice what sand and water has done for our lives.

Sand and water make concrete, sand makes microchips and other various electronic possibilities. Sand and water make up the buildings we drive to, the walkways that get us there and the floors we stand upon.

Something so simple as sand and some water. I’m still amazed by the mere fact that these huge buildings are nothing more than an adult version of Playdoh.

So, next time you drive, work, play, there is concrete and remember that behind the scenes, there was; sand and water.

Now, structures contain rebar and steel rods, plastic chairs, metal ties and various other elements. Here is a thought though. What if the rebar was sheathed in some form of tubing so one could seperate the rebar out and reuse it, recycle it and use it multiple times?

Enjoy the day. Sand and water.


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