Arrived, part 2

So how does one move from happily married and found the one, to creating value in life for others?

Simple and confusing at the same time.

I think it is a matter of becoming repaired. That is my view of marriage. A way for two broken people to become whole again. A yin and yang. Trouble is, balance is an always changing phenom. One day, we get the formula correct, the next, its flopped again.

I can’t tell people how much repair work that my wife and I have done. I can only tell people that its been worth it. I can’t say how much deeper I love her now than when we met. I can say that it has been one awesome ride!

Looking back, I have seen the crazy things we’ve been through and the thoughts we used to have. I can see the crazy things that we long for and the thoughts we now have. I don’t exactly know when the thoughts and patterns shifted but I can guarantee that they have and it is awesome.

Seeking a long term monogamous relationship may not be suitable for the children of the world. But, the benefits outweigh any sort of one night stand, ladies man, movie star, jock, hero that we could compare it to.

The love is intense, the passion is alive and there is no escape hatch. Too many people leave that option open. The, what if it doesn’t work out, philosophy. Then i’ll get divorced and marry for money instead. We, erase that out of our thoughts. It is ride or die. We made a covenant. We intend to honor that. We are seeing just a few of the benefits of a long term relationship. I hope the world soon turns off its tv and idols so that they, may too, find out the secret to happiness. (The no escape hatch way of life does tend to permeate the rest of your activities as well, just fyi)

For the single people who seek; keep seeking. The loneliness is not that bad in retrospect.

For the single people who do not seek and do not want a relationship; maybe you have something great to do, so get on it.

For those struggling with a career choice or other obstacle; keep pushing through the pain and find the beauty that awaits.

It’s all worth it!

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