Your Experience of Church as a Child

really like this guys posts and he is currently needing some stories that are remembered from childhood and church. Go, add your thoughts for a great book soon to be written

Travels from Ur

I need your feedback!20130425-165731.jpg

I am asking readers to recall their experience of church and worship as a child. What did you connect with, what alienated you, what activities enabled you to enjoy the community of church – in all I want to hear about the good, bad and ugly. Your memories and experiences, anecdotes and stories is what I am after.

Currently I am researching material for a book I hope to write on “children and church” and your experiences will help fill out the picture

Please email me at or add your comments below.

Fellow bloggers may I please encourage you to reblog this request so that your blog readers have an opportunity to respond as well. The greater the cultural variety the better the picture I can gather.

Thank you in anticipation.


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