New job

ok, starting a new job on Monday! Concrete construction. I may or may not like it, but I know that I need to do this, pay off my debts and then get focused on what it is I truly need to do. So, my posts are still going to go as planned but they may take a different turn entirely.

Anyone else nervous about new jobs? Like starting the first day of high school? I am. I stay awake all the night before and let anxiety rob me of sleep.

I used to throw up at any and all major holidays. Gross, right? Yes, but I would be so wound up with excitement that I couldn’t help it.

So, here is one thing to consider which has helped me tremendously in the past… Tire yourself out physically before a new change is about to occur. That way, no matter what happens, your body goes to sleep and it is possible to get a good nights sleep.

The other thing worth considering is your view of the new thing. If you are questioning yourself whether you are capable, whether this will work how it is supposed to, sure enough, you will be anxious and wound. If one tries to approach it with a certain amount of positive vibes and no worry, the result seems to be much better.

Any tips for those of us who get nervous when starting something new?

4 thoughts on “New job

  1. Yes, I understand…I have issues with new things too. What do I do to cope? I just try to focus on things at hand, and just go through the motions to get myself there. Once I am “there”…at the moment that was trying to force me into anxiety…I always realize that the moment or the new experience is never as stressful as I thought it would be. Everything usually falls into place. When it doesn’t, I find a way (with God’s help) to handle it! Congrats on your new job. May God bless you and your coworkers.

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