Some common questions we get concerning our choices. Some of our answers, as well!

1. Why don’t you have a couch?

A. What, is it a crime not to have a couch? I’m sorry, we choose to have our family time around the table and chairs. We don’t need a couch and a big screen to enjoy our life. Since when does a couch constitute good parenting? So, because we choose to be different, we are frowned upon? Welcome to a new world, apparently. What about the older days, where there was no couches? did that make the early Romans criminal? Were they committing some heinous act by not allowing a couch? I think not.

2. Who cut his hair?

A. We cut his hair and it has been trimmed by us. No, he does not get to play with scissors, run with knives or play with sharp darts. We do not allow him to do the butchering, to slaughter sheep or to operate heavy machinery. But, if he did, I think he would be more gifted at it than most adults. Come on, really? His hair? Really?

3. Why do you homeschool?

A. They are homeschooled because they deserve an education. Thomas Edison was homeschooled, he turned out just fine I think. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, James Garfield, William, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Polk,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, were all Presidents of the United States of America who were home-schooled. I could go on but here’s my point. I don’t want my children to be yes people who can only work at a factory. I want them to be the unique individuals who God crafted them to be. I trained them how to pee in the toilet, which is highly important, mind you. I taught them how to run, jump, exercise and brush their teeth. Schools want to teach them that the Holocaust didn’t happen, God is not real and you must never question authority. Just blindly follow along. Wrong.

4. Why is your house cluttered?

A. My house is cluttered because my wife is suffering post partem, the latest child has screamed for seven months and demands that she be held or scream, we just got back from camping for a week and catching up laundry, we just had six bags of clothes dropped on our doorstep to go through and wash and sort out. So, in short, we’ve been busy. Busy enough that even a ninja housemaker would and should have had her hands full with. Some people probably think that every single person has enough skill to keep a spotless house, while living a happy, fulfilling life. Sorry, not every one does that. We all can’t be ninja homemakers, samurai family members and exemplary citizens 24/7.

5. Why are you sleeping downstairs in one room, all of you?

A. Electricity bills are outrageous, our central air costs more than we dare afford right now, and we, enjoy being a close knit family who can bring beds downstairs and hang out comfortably. I do not see fault with this. What about the old buildings that people used to live in? One room houses. Small shanties. America has truly forgotten that American poor is third world rich.

Walk in another persons shoes people. Not all of life is black and white. Life is a very situational thing. What works here, is not allowed here and so on. Even King David would seek God’s answer for war with this faction and be told yes, while later he would seek answer for war with another faction and it would be no. So, in closing, choose your battles carefully. Much love.


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