(the following was a Facebook post which I wanted to expand upon here) no matter the verdict, Zimmerman is not in a good spot. If he is found guilty, the inmates are going to attack him, if innocent, the public is going to attack him. It seems like mob rules have taken to the streets crying for justice when they don’t want justice they want death in any form. How many people are convinced without listening to the information one way or another? How many times do we need to fight over the race issue? truly disgusting people. This same mob mentality killed Jesus. This same mob mentality let Hitler take over. This same mob mentality caused multiple riots at various stages. If everyone is screaming for blood that heartily, why not bring back public executions and satisfy the morbidity of peoples notions? sick twisted world where truth is easily perverted by those elected to uphold law and walk in morality.

So, regardless of your opinion on this case, its impact will be felt like a small butterflies wings. We live in a society where the masses control the truth with an iron fist. We live where society deems life worthless as a baby but worthwhile as an adult, even after multiple chances and severe mess-ups. We live where black people, white people, Spanish people die daily. Why make a point and make it about color? Why can’t we accept that even in nature, some things just randomly happen without our needing to figure out the why. Some times it is not up to us.

God has this. He has had this all along. But, we as people, want to do our part and play into this whole control game. That would be where it goes wrong at. We, honestly believe we can try life without His blessing. We, can’t. Our breath is not our own. Nor, are our lives. So, why then, can’t we focus on what we are supposed to focus on?


3 thoughts on “Trial

  1. Thanks for the food for thought. I truly believe that if we, as Christians, aligned ourseves with God, and prayed for His Divine protection and guidance, this country and the world would be a very diffrent place. Too many people of “faith” are following their own agendas and/or flawed political agendas and supporting ungodly ideas and policies. How did we end up with a society that not only allows, but CONDONES (for the deception if “choice”) the torture and murder of the unborn? (and sometimes the “born” if the abortion does not work) Unfathomable…except for the fact that the great deceiver is hard at work, and people are more than happy to continue to be deceived.

    I believe that right now, society is being played like pawns, to pit us against eachother…to create more tension and discord. I choose love.

    • love, faith and hope! It is just crazy how people give occasion to hate quicker than love. “for the love of men will grow cold.” I guess it is easier to want to seek vengeance than it is to forgive. thanks for the wonderful thoughts this morning as well! Sadly, it is the people of faith who have acted badly enough that abortion and the other unjust actions have spread. Time to fix ourselves and be on solid ground! “Too many people of faith are following their own agendas and/or flawed political agendas…” How very true! Great words and enjoy the day. God’s blessings

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