Job’s Opposite


Job, not job where one works for money, but the Biblical person. Here’s his story in a nutshell paraphrased.

Job was rich, had a big awesome family and enjoyed life. Satan walks to God one day to ask his permission to try Job. He says, this man praises you and keeps your commandments but what would happen If You allowed me to take all this away and curse him? Would he do the same?

Yes was God’s answer, so Job lost it all, and was covered in painful boils and blisters. Lost his family, his possessions and all of it.

Cause, guess what? Job questioned God why this happened but the subtle shift also occurs on the opposite spectrum. Follow me through this and you too, may understand that the Bible isn’t so much about what is said but to study what also isn’t said.

Here’s the kicker. How many of us don’t need to be tempted with all of this to stop following God’s commandments. Either the devil has gotten lazy or smarter but guess what? Now, he doesn’t so much take away as allow goodies in. You know, Big screens, bling and fancy cars. The latest gadgets and gizmos and whirly doos.

So, take a poor person, add riches and VOILA! A recipe for?

How many of us think only sorrows are cursings from God? What about the blessings as a curse?

I’m in no way, shape or form stating that money is a bad thing. Money takes on the morality of who owns it, chases it or “Loves” it. It is mentioned in Scripture that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. So, neither love it nor hate it but view it as a shovel. It is a tool. You can either do great good with it or its opposite.

But, how often do we get to living on “easy street” and moneys rolling in, our health is awesome and all is well, when we forget about God?

That’s the thing. I’m not asking any to give up what they have or to stop acquiring it. I’m asking one to look at their relationship with the Great Creator. That trumps money.

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2 thoughts on “Job’s Opposite

  1. Wow…food for thought! Thanks for sharing. I think too many times the Christian Community looks at all worldly “success” as blessings (educated titles/positions, big house, nice car, all kinds of achievements, “perfect” family,etc) …meaning that those going through struggles or not successful in the way we think they should be, must not have enough faith in God or not praying correctly.

    As Christians, we are called to have faith and be content in ALL things…good and bad…because ALL things work toward good for those that love Him. The sufferings we struggle through…God uses those to teach us and unite us with Him.

    One of the most awesome things I learned when talking with my priest about one of my “crosses”…he told me that sometimes your biggest cross is really your biggest blessing. I didn’t understand it then, however, I have learned it to be true.

    Thanks so much. May God continue to bless you.

    • Thanks so much. I haven’t ever pondered the cross bearing as a blessing, but I will! “God uses those to teach us and unite us with Him” is a wonderful thought. Sometimes He also uses our struggles to teach others looking on. It’s hard telling which is which until much later on or sometimes not at all. Why does this person, a Godly person, get cancer? Why did that kid die in his crib? So, sometimes, it’s not even about us. Or, so, I’m trying to figure out. God’s blessings!

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