Clean house


Ok, I admit it, we are recovering packrats (borderline hoarders) who are making a change. We don’t want to live that way any more. Recently I heard on the Entreleadership Podcast about a book that I haven’t read but has me thinking just the same.

Their book is called One word that will change your life. I just nabbed onto the idea that we set a new years resolution. Or several. We set up all these elaborate plans, but rarely follow through with them.

So, these guys propose to meditatively find that one word that is going to be your year. Then to laser in on it.

My word is simplify.

My life, my brain, my spirit, my house, my kids all needs simplified, so, I’m working it!

Here’s how:

cleaning the house, organizing everything, getting rid of everything, letting go of things attached to memories, exercising, becoming lost in prayer/meditation, breathing more, trying to laugh more.

So if you could seek out what your word would be for next year, what would it be?

It takes a while for your specific word to come to you sometimes so go ahead and get back to me on this one. Or, if you know the word you need to work on this year.

Let’s try this and see where it gets us?

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