The game pounds its pulse on our screen and we have just reached something new. Something exciting and its locked.

Of course it is locked, it needs a key and wont be that easy.

Of course we do not have it or cannot find it.

That is, until we are ready to do so. Not just on a game either but real life. You know for reals, and really real and seriously real?

Periodically we, get hit with an epiphany or a quiet “real” ization. It makes the world seem to stop and our hearts’ beat heard in our ears. It makes time stand still. It makes things clear. Just for a tiny moment, a fragile, tiny moment. This epiphany drives home the fact that we are human, and yet, our brains and our bodies, minds, spirits all can come together in certain moments. It is an awakening. Not, like Scientology awakening either, I think. But more of a coming fully alive in one moment.

We may not even remember the epiphany, I know I haven’t remembered a few. But, that is not the thing.

By telling our brain, with hyper emotion, that something is true as it dawns on us, our brain will process that at the speed of brain. It will accept our emotion as a quick input, “easy”, button.

For more on this, go check out Simon Sinek and his thoughts on the brain and emotions. Powerful stuff.

Truly an amazing thing that we’ve been given. Don’t forget to periodically try taking over on one of the automatic brain activities. Breathing for instance.

God, spoke everything else into existence but he made us with His own hands. Then, right after that, He breathed life into us.

Why then do we not decide to breathe on purpose?

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