27 dollars, three families and about 17 children make for one awesome activity.

9 dollars gets a person a campsite, a primitive campsite, for the night. Children add to the excitement and there is something awesome about camping.

I highly suggest that all people visit their local parks and monuments and historical sites. The low cost is not because of low value or a cheaper experience.

We just got back from camping at Wild Cat Den State Park near Muscatine, Iowa. I grew up near that place, got baptized in those waters near the mill. Yet, I, as a kid had never camped there overnight. I don’t think I camped anywhere. Maybe that is what I’ve been missing. I decided after this camping trip though that I want to be the type of person who knows this life well and slips into it often.

But, heres the things I noticed that maybe you hadn’t yet?

Children need other children. They also need camping. They also need a definite goal and direction. They need accomplishment. Just like we do! They need love at the end of the night, with the campfire illuminating only faces and not empty fire pits near their tents. They need bandaids periodically, they need a great memory. A place where their parents can come together without any of the other bs and enjoy life together. Cook together, wait, hike, climb, swim, play, laugh and enjoy themselves. The children need this. They also need their parents to do this for them.

I’m going to propose a challenge for any with children that you go camping. If you have kids, get them (and you) out camping. In a tent, on the ground, with fire. Get them on the hiking trails, pay the nine bucks for a primitive site. Get offline, get away from the world and go enjoy what God intended as therapy. Even if one can just start with a tent in the backyard, their children would be so much farther ahead of the curve. Go!

P.S. 30 eggs, five pounds of sausage and 58 pancakes will feed a group of people a hearty breakfast!


4 thoughts on “Camping

  1. So true…nothing is better than to be in nature with God and family/friends. Thanks for posting and reminding all of us to enjoy the Lord’s simple, perfect gifts to us.

  2. I totally, absolutely, wholeheartedly agree!! Nothing beats a campfire, roasting weiners, tenting and copious amounts of bug spray. Some of our kids and my husband and I will be camping our way through the east coast of Canada for most of August.

    • awesome! 🙂 that would be a logistical nightmare for us! eight kids would be a big deal haha. it was almost a logistical nightmare for our little tribe of 6. Cast iron and clothes!! enjoy the camping!

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