On the one and only night I have been sent to jail, I should have been arrested probably close to fifteen times. Possession of marijuana was what I would wind up with but I broke many, many more laws that day. I took a simple misdemeanor because of how it all worked out.

What about you? Have you been to jail?

I knew a guy once who knew the jails by sight. He would wake up in any jail after being drunk and recognize where he was. Sorry, that is one thing I do not want to know.

It is easy to sit back and judge those who have been jailed or incarcerated but lets look at some of their problems for a minute.

A felon has a super hard time getting a job because of his/her past. So, here comes this “this person screwed up, I can’t trust them” mentality. So, guess what, they are trying to clean up, to sober up, to fix their mistakes and BAM! No one hires them. They run out of money. Their family isn’t very stable and they see only one remaining option. You know what that option is? Yes, back to prison to leave their family again over actually trying to do right but no one would let them. I’m not saying, they deserve a super awesome job or even to work anywhere near their crime temptations. I am saying that its not easy as a person with a record.

It’s not easy as a person with something on their sheet. Sometimes people change, (not often) but sometimes they don’t. It’s not our duty to judge them based on their past actions. Moses was a murderer. Paul was like a SS Nazi officer towards Christians. He had a lot of blood on his hands. David was an adulterer/murderer. So on and so on.

So, here is a solution. If someone is honestly trying to better themselves, do not block their path. If someone is drowning, would you push them under? Or, pull them up? Me, I’m gonna pull them up.


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