Love, Joy and Scissors

My last post was on stereos and stuff, this one continues on that theme with another example from my life.

Years ago, a friend had a 30 year old car or what seemed it at the time. He was wanting to put a new cd player into it so he could have tunes and enjoy the drive. He came to me, (for some odd reason) and wanted help. I looked at it and asked, “Did you buy the adapter for it?” “No,” was the reply I received. “I didn’t have the money for one, lets just cut the wires and we’ll figure it out from there.” “Ok!”

So, here we are, two kids who just pulled the radio out and started cutting wires left and right without paying any special attention to colors, details or anything. Just SNIP, SNIP, CUT!!!

When all was said and done, we got the other radio out and started trying to hook it up, but couldn’t, due to no idea how to rewire it.

My point is this, before one starts cutting wires, burning bridges (which I’ve blown up my fair share of), torching the connections and yadda yadda, lets look first to see if there is an adapter. Let’s find out if we need this first and make triple sure we do or don’t before we take action. Let us not cut without paying attention to the truth of the matter. Let us be able to piece the new part in without ruining it. Peace.


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