Ok, the cruelest thing you can do for some one is to help them. Now let me explain why.

In high school, I wanted a cb radio so a friend and I could chat back and forth. I tried to install it and it turned into a giant mess. Since father wasn’t about to teach me how or couldn’t, I just tried it myself. Disaster. Had to get it fixed professionally.

Then my uncles seeing how I was trying to do this stuff myself, decided to help me by giving me a stereo and speakers. Needless to say, that one went horribly awry as well.

So here is my premise for why helping someone is cruel. If you hand someone a something and do not explain, install, or know how to, you are not helping anyone. If I hand you a gun and a knife, I find it highly unlikely you will discover how to butcher a cow without some instruction and guide to guide you through.

Nowadays, I would have been able to YouTube it and be ok. Cause, you know, everything you ever wanted to learn is on there now. Brakes, phones, cb’s, stereos, butchering, blacksmithing…etc.

Then though, all it did was frustrate me. Since no one knew how that handed me the equipment without the knowledge, it made me feel like an idiot. So, here I am an already down trodden high schooler with no self confidence, and my uncles decide to further that helpless feeling.

Thanks a lot. Preciate it. Not!

So, when you think you are helping someone by giving them something, give them also the knowledge they need to make it useful. Don’t hand people the reverse either. Don’t hand them the knowledge and give them no opportunity to put it to use. So, if you want to help and give someone a car stereo, a cb, a new set of tires, please, please, please, hand them the knowledge to use it. That way everyone is happy and self confidence is put into the bucket not taken out of the bucket. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Stereo

  1. Bang on! People need information and the tools in order for the item to reach it’s full potential. They also need support. Just had a conversation about education today, we basically said you need to give all info, all tools, guidance and then let the person figure it out with practical skills.

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