Noah’s Fun

Ok, picture if you will: You’re an old man and you get asked to do a big huge thing that will take, I don’t know, upwards of a hundred years or more to complete, and then you get to take only 7 others with you. Your wife, Your three kids and their wives and two of each animal. Then you will need to watch it rain for forty days, nights and weekends. Seven or so months later, you see the first mountaintops uncovered from the rains and then at ten months, its dry.

I’m paraphrasing here but put your sarcasm hat on. I’m not trying to be totally accurate, just setting up what I think would have been said had I been in Mr. Noahs shoes.

Noah: Hey, can you go grab me the birds and get them ready to go search out the land?

Ham: No, I’m busy reading this comic book

Noah: Shem, what about you? You go grab me a bird

Shem: Can’t dad, I’m currently designing a bow and arrow out of gopher wood.

Noah: Hey, Mrs. Noah, can you help me out?

Mrs. Noah: No, I’m over here being all depressed and watching soap operas.

Noah: Oh, all right, I’ll go and see if there is dry land yet.

Japheth: Hey, dad you know where my IPAD is? I brought it and can’t find it anywhere?

Noah: No, last I seen it it was left out on the deck.

Japheth: NOOOOO!!!! That means it got wet and ruined. Dad, why didn’t you help me out and pick it up?

Noah: I was trying to get the lion settled down so he wouldn’t eat us. Hey, next time I’ll go ahead and grab that cuz it is surely more important than what I was doing.

Shem’s wife: Hey Mrs. Noah have you finished stitching up that sweater yet? I’m getting kind of cold?

Mrs. Noah: No, I most certainly have not. I’ve been busy. I just finished watching the end of Days of Our Lives and was going to get to it after season seven of Kill the Planet.

Shem: I am so bored dad and mom, what can I do to pass the time?

Ham: Me too, when can I go play Xbox with my friends again??? Please?

Japheth: Me too, I’m missing out on my guitar audiences.

Noah: Ok, enough bickering already!!! Shem, Ham and Japheth, how about you go swimming if you don’t like all this. Go pet the lion!

Ok, this is entirely just for giggles. But I could sure see it playing out something like this. Smile people, I know its a bit satirical. If only. Sometimes though, we must, live with our parents after marriage. If you have enjoyed this post let me know and I might think up some more zany tales that could have happened but probably didn’t from the Bible.


4 thoughts on “Noah’s Fun

  1. With all of the high-tech gadget shit we have nowadays, I just can’t imagine how one could entertain himself in Jesus times. I sometimes think sun-watching could’ve been a popular hobby back then…

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