Ok my bits of college experience is probably vastly different from yours. I have not gotten a degree, I have not completed my college yet either. I am still paying off my student loan from fifteen years ago. I won’t place my hand on that stovetop burner again. IF I finish, it will be without a student loan and without the high cost associated with it.

Ok, that all being said, I want to point out a few relevant things to you, the reader. High school is so different from college. High school is do this, do that and we do. Mostly. High school is compulsory. The 9th through 12th grades are meant to train us to be yes people. To stand in line and work at the factory. Not to explore who we are, not to be different but to become the same. The same and boring. To become “adults”. I’m calling B.S. on that.

College on the other hand started off by saying, “I don’t care if you show up as long as you pass the test”. It’s your money and your time and your responsibility. College is real. You can wear a hat, have some tats and show up late. College is cussing in the classroom and no disciplinary action. College (for me anyway) was getting ticked off at my fellow collegiate and peeling out in the parking lot.

So, like life, we sometimes have to learn to be only a person on a factory line. But, mostly we do and are required to become the unique “trees” that we were created to be.

What is your view on school?


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