Ramp It UP

Ok, I have noticed something lately. Tell me if I’m totally off the rocker or spot on or almost got it, but not quite. It seems that before we are about to put something away from us, we ramp it up. By that, I do mean, Right before I stopped smoking weed, I used as much as I could, whenever I could and couldn’t seem to get enough.

Then, right before I changed my status with alcohol from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” to “single but looking”, I ramped up my drinking. It was bad, I went off the deep end with it. Peeing the bed, getting constantly pissed off drunk and belligerent and so on. I am ashamed of that. Which might have woke me up to the fact, it was time to stop.

Ciggarettes, the same thing. I smoked a pack a day for ten years. Then we (wife and I) decided to quit and I ramped it up to two and a half packs per day for the next two years. Then bam!!! Done.

So, it gets me thinking, do we ramp it up because we are trying to do what we can while we still can or is it something else? Is it to cram as much fun with it before its time is up? I don’t know but I keep pondering it. How about you? Do you notice a ramp up before the exit ramp? Peace.


2 thoughts on “Ramp It UP

  1. I’m not sure if it’s a conscious decision to “ramp it up” or , in my case, the embarrassment of falling on the floor at two separate family gatherings. I know now that I can’t drink scotch responsibly. I can’t stop drinking it period. I have switched to non-alcoholic beer. It seems to have worked for me.


    • embarrassment does wonders to get us to stop doing things doesn’t it? Its a process. Glad you stopped on the scotch. Never tried non alcoholic beer, but I crave beer heavy in the summer so I may just try it! Thanks man for sharing some of your story. Peace and blessings!

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