We don’t always get along with our neighbors. We aren’t supposed to I sometimes think. For instance, my neighbor last weekend decided to shout at me to stop playing drums. Then came over and knocked on the door with him and his friends all being hammered. Threatening to kill my dog, kick my butt, yadda yadda. I didn’t take it personal. Well, ok maybe a little but it has given me some very interesting insights into them, me and what I think God expects of us.

We are people who live near one another. Big cities, less distance between people, and sometimes more conflict. We all enjoy our freedom and have thus expanded our freedom and have our own thoughts on how it should all work out. Or what to do, or who is right.

Let me stop all of you right there. I followed this thinking and saw that it ended up in misery. I was trying to play sides and say this certain thing is wrong, that thing is right, but really, its not up to me. I believe very firmly in what I believe. I’m starting to realize, you probably don’t believe the same way. But heres the thing, I’m angry, you’re gay, I’m an ass sometimes, you are greedy, I think people are stupid sometimes and you think people are smart. So, would Jesus really even play this game out? I don’t think so. He knows we are all God’s children.

Do I think some certain groups of ‘immoral’ activities should not be put in leadership roles? yes. I agree to that. I also agree that its not my duty. God will judge. So, I have to learn how to live somewhat peaceably with the neighbors put into my life. Or those who cross my path.

While most religions are busy playing a mock soccer game of winners and losers, I think Jesus has left the stadium.

Heres the biggest picture I can think of to tell my thoughts on all this.

I live next to neighbors and must learn to simply put aside my ego on some things.

We have neighboring cities and must learn to find some common ground and be cool.

We have neighboring states and must learn to be good neighbors regarding that as well.

We have neighboring Countries with differing governments that we also must work to keep a healthy relationship with.

We have different planets that we neighbor with. I don’t know if there is life past earth but i’m not closing the option either just in case.

So, the small makes up the large. 8 billion people, each sharing their own unique life. We all have to make this somehow dysfunctional life work without following our own will only. It is not about the one person.

I’ve often thought, you can call me crazy on this, but what if all of God’s children were put together in a Transformer style fashion? Would we then be sized appropriately to be the bride who is referred to? Would however many thousands, millions or billions people connected, be the same size as a God sized bride? I don’t know but I wonder a lot.

So, here is what I want to leave you with. There will always be wars and plagues and natural disasters until the Thing that will be, Is. But right now, it is one man warring another, on larger scales. Right now we cannot separate out the bad from the good or even always know only the truth without believing part of the lie. Right now we can’t war on the gay guy at wendys without hurting the straight man who is right next to him making a sandwich. I don’t necessarily agree with how this has all become so intertwined but it wasn’t up to me. I cannot show Christ’s love by violence. From scripture I see the only place Jesus caused a ruckus was in church. I’m not real sure if we can outside of that or not.

In times previous, it was less blurry to see truth. One could say the Assyrians needed defeated cause they were evil. Or that the Persian empire needed defeated due to their evil. I don’t have the answers. I’m just a young punk kid who listened to grunge. Again, I have no hatred in my heart towards those who aren’t like me. I hope that each person figures out how to do right, to be the best possible person they can be and hopefully avoid war for long periods of time.

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