Food Printer

Ok, so one of the guys I read frequently,

was talking about a food printer. Anything goes in, starch, protein…. comes out. An interesting concept. Very interesting indeed.

I’m a bit nervous about the whole concept. Not just for my own sake and conscience but because there are things we shouldn’t eat unless it is a dire emergency.

I’d rather not participate in more technology having control over our food. Isnt that rather intimidating? That we are as of now, so far removed from our food it is almost unhealthy. GMO’s, fluoride and many other harmful things food producers put into what goes into our bodies. Potato chips, pop tarts and plasma.

Do these things help us? We have yet to see the long term effects of LSD on a generation (60’s). We have yet to see the long term effects of cell phones, LCD technology and other devices.

This world is definitely moving fast. Faster than our ancestors desired for certain. At what point though, do we look up and say, hey, I’ve gotten technology and it makes my life easier but I still would like to be connected with what I eat. I would like to know where it came from and where it went through and what was fed to my food and so on. Do you? Or do you think this could be a wonderful marvel that the Jetsons first alluded us to? Peace.


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