Conversation Long Overdue

do any of you read through the comments on the huge posts?  The ones that go viral?  The Paula Deen ones show why, we, as a nation cannot be as powerful as we once were.  Lincoln himself quoted the Bible when he said a “house divided cannot stand”.  We, are divided on everything from our pasts, our presents and all else.  We are divided over Gay Rights, Marriage, Black, White, Immigrants, Violence, Tolerance, Truth, Freedom…. Jesus isn’t on any of these sides.  He’s left the stadium while we all fight over this “soccer game”.  Peace all, don’t forget, we are all guilty of something at one point in our lives, we can change, we can do better.   I’m all for disagreeing and seeing it differently but lets start to find a healthy way to have these discussions instead of throwing racial epithets at one another.  We don’t need to throw rocks at others, we need to start looking in our mirrors at ourselves.  Lets have our disagreements in a respectable manner.  We don’t have to get all pissed off about it.  Wanna talk about all this, fine we will talk, like civilized respectful humans being. 


2 thoughts on “Conversation Long Overdue

    • Agreed! I just can’t picture him arguing further over what is right or wrong. That was the purpose of the Bible, why argue that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to argue but not where the Bible is already clear on. Blessings

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