Not qualified

Legend has it that Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana was not qualified to be a dog catcher. This was months before he exploded on the scene with the Nevermind album and changed the world. Not flippin qualified???? Huh?

Ok, so recently, I put in my ninety day notice to my wonderful employer and have been applying for jobs left and right. Well, left and right, I am hearing that I am not qualified. For a cashier position? For a janitor position? For a Kennel assistant position? Huh?

So, I started my working life painting and maintaining apartments, moved to cooking at a marina, went to a fast food place, worked at a grocery store (cashier and stocker), went to do factory work, telemarketing, CNA (certified nursing assistant), CMA (Certified Medication Aide), butcher, meat cutter, janitor, assistant manager, key holder and more. But I’m not qualified after 20 years working to do simple things???? Huh?

So I assume, I have leveled up in life finally and time to go after some big fish. It feels weird though, knowing that what I have previously learned will not help me in the current atmosphere on job hunting. This may be what limbo feels like. Or not, I don’t know.

Here I have witnessed factory workers all their lives, be locked out on a union strike and falter hard because they are unqualified??? huh? How does faithful and loyal service not translate? How does hardworking and honest not get the next job?

Are we really that far removed from what matters that we no longer want to hire based on morals or mental ability? So what do people hire on?

I am not worried, I have faith. I had faith that I felt an urging to give ninety days, I have faith that God will come through. I’m not worried about that as much as I am worried about others in a very similar but more dire situation. Those who messed up their bodies trying to make plastic parts at a factory, knife workers at a meat industry giant, who have given their employer all that they had and got nothing from it.

Is that what we should be treating people like? Like they are unqualified, untrainable and idiotic?????? Wow, a far cry from where we started off at, and a definite departure from where we needed to be going.

So tell me, how is this industrial mindset treating everyone? How is this schooling helping America? I’m not whining for myself. I care about the others who suffer and do not know the hope that I have or the faith that God provides us. I am being a voice for those who may wind up facing homelessness and hopelessness and disaster and divorce because they are NOT QUALIFIED. I want to wake people up to the fact that this is a very real and very pressing issue.

The world is changing at an alarming rate and what worked previously is not going to work soon after this change has been completed. We have some very serious issues that need discussing and solving.

Some, like me, can adapt and change and flex and bend and go forward with little ill comforts. Others, lots of others, cannot adapt to this changing world in a fast enough manner. What steps are we taking to not leave them behind.

My take, I really don’t want to see a cavemans return but we may just see that happen. I drive through my little town in Iowa and I notice, rich house right next to poor house, trailer right next to an almost mansion, well to do right next to the make dos. I see the dichotomy. I feel for those who are currently getting lost in the shuffle. Those who are being pushed to the bottom of the deck and thrown away like last nights supper.

How then do we start this discussion? How then do we take steps to not just help ourselves but our fellow man struggling? Peace.


2 thoughts on “Not qualified

  1. I’m sorry for your struggles, I hope you find/found a job. I’m sure you are perfectly qualified for many jobs you just don’t have the papers. I do not have a long cv but I can do any job given the opportunity. I’m glad you a strong and able and it’s great you want to help others, so maybe find out who lives in your community with skills and ‘qualifications’ and put them on your blog, like a jobs wanted column. I am trying to set up a bartering service with the people I know, chefs, painters, photographers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, quilters, jewelry makers, the list goes on. My aim is to become a large group and promote what we do best together for support, because not getting appreciation for what we are good at, gets us down and sometimes we get beat and give up.
    Bit late to carry on now, but I will re-read.
    well written 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the comment. That’s the thing, in the real world after the job hiring is done, the cv doesn’t mean diddly squat. Neither does what college or what previously was done. That’s the part I don’t understand. With this much unemployment why not have Try Outs instead. See if they fit the job, the culture and whatnot. Why does it have to be who people know? I like your bartering services idea. That is a totally viable option. I too am trying to think of ways I can provide value and help to others. Oddly enough, whenever people think about whats in it for me, or what can I get out of it, they really screw the pooch. But, when we realize our particular gifts should be used to help others, the money shows up. Weird. Peace and enjoy the day.

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